Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Rain in Spain Falls No More (Quick Takes Friday)

1. Please note the completely random Doctor Who reference in the title. "Gallifrey Falls No More!"

2. In other words, Adam's home! I was awake reading last night when he came in around 11 pm. He unpacked to show me what he brought the children: fun coffee mugs and chocolate! I asked him to bring home candy they are familiar with but from Spain so they could taste the differences in candies made for different countries. They had chocolate for breakfast and milk in their new mugs and are completely happy to have Daddy home.

3. He didn't find anything with my last name on it, nor did he get to play tourist. They pulled 13+ hours days in Spain and he only got to go to the beach at his beach front hotel once. I honestly feel bad for him!

4. He also said that they put butter on all the seafood. Like, big giant pats of butter. Cole would be in butter-hog heaven.

5. I think Adam single-handily discouraged people from coming to America, although it wasn't intentional. Apparently, he was chatting with his Spanish co-workers and they were talking about where they go on holiday (vacation). They asked him what Americans do on their month-long holiday and were down-right shocked when he told them we don't get month long paid holidays.
"How many paid days do you get off?" they asked and he counted on his fingers, "about six."

"The government only gives you six paid days off?" they asked in shock.

"Well, it varies. Some employees of the government get a few more but most of us get back six major days off- New Years, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Labor Day- holidays like that."

And, of course, our family doesn't vacation or holiday in any sense of the word and, yes, I will be bitter about that. ;)

6. I've flown international or very long distances lots of time but never business class. Adam brought home all sorts of stuff from business class: travel bags filled with toothbrushes and tooth paste, face creams, and even a little bag of samples of French lotion. He always brings home the soaps and things from the hotel (my favorite hand cream is actually from a hotel chain and he hoards it for me when he stays in that chain) and we use them in "I ran out of soap!" emergencies or for guests.

7. You know who else is happy to have Adam home? THE DOG. I am happy Adam is home to take care of Sir EscapesAlot. Higgins has been full of something this week and he needs a nice, long, long, LONG walk!

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