Friday, September 12, 2014

Quick Takes Friday: Gettin' Old and Funerals

1. So my hairdresser said she didn't see any grey hairs last night. Now, she has no reason to lie to me because she would make MORE money off me if I was gettin' grey. I should rejoice, right? No because YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? My eyesight is going! I'm as blind as an eyeless bat so it's not like I have sight TO LOOSE.


2. Our church called today and asked if Joseph would be an Alter Server at a funeral tomorrow. He's already serving the daily Mass before that, so I said yes. He's fine with it. I'm not sure if I should be like, "Yay, Joe! They think you're good enough to serve at a funeral!" or be all, "that's sad," because, um, funeral.

3. Yep, one of our kiddos is an Alter Server. You have to be in the fifth grade to be one. Camille is bummed but it will be her turn soon.

4. Ninja Alter Server Picture:

Taking "defending the faith" to a whole new level.

5. The adorable Elf on the Shelf:

If this kid doesn't come up with a decent Halloween costume idea, I'm sticking his red sweater on him, red sweat pants and sending him as the Elf on the Shelf. He picked out the color and yarn and my mom made the sweater. It just happens that he look HILARIOUSLY like the Elf!

6. Fall finally arrived, weather wise. I have not, however, had a pumpkin spice latte. That is just sad.

7. The official Mockingjay trailer is out in a few days and I am DYING. Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Things Fall Apart

And by "things" I mean me. My body.

I turned 35 last month. I love my birthday because, hello, CAKE and my mother always makes my favorite pie and it is ALL MINE and I DON'T HAVE TO SHARE. Oh, and presents, even if I do tend to buy them myself, give them to my husband saying, "Guess what you got me for my birthday!" and act surprised when I open them.

Did I say PIE?

A lot of my friends have issues with getting older but I'm mostly "meh" about the whole thing. I love an excuse to go out to eat and get presents so I still consider my birthday fun. Plus, it's gonna happen anyway so I might as well enjoy it, right?

(We'll ignore the fact that my sister pointed out I'm halfway to 70 and my dad commented on how old I am. I'm in the market for a new dad and sister; inquire via e-mail.)

So, anyway, birthday = yay! Until this month.

It began with (TMI) the longest cycle in four years. Being Catholic and using NFP, I keep track of the who, what, when and where of my cycle and this one was dragging on a week longer than normal. I was getting nervous, although my mother said this began happening to her around my age. What is this, peri-peri menopause? I'm not ready for this malarkey.

After that, I noticed my pants and skirts getting tighter. I haven't changed my dietary habits so I'm not sure what's up with that. I did take this as a hint to hit the treadmill more often, which I have been doing. Fall should be here soon and I'll be able to take walks more often.

The long cycles and weight gain I can deal with, grudgingly, but then! Today! I found a GREY HAIR in my bangs. Oh, HECK NO. I had one last year, in my eyebrows, and I just had that sucker waxed away. It didn't return so I chalked it up to stress and grief. But this one! in my bangs! I treat my hair so nice... pricey vegan shampoo! gentle scrubbings! no dye! And this is how it repays me?! Nope. No. Not happening.

This is war, people, all out hair war. I'm going in for a trim tomorrow and plan to ask my hairdresser if there are any more nasty little suckers in there. If there are, I will not be going grey with grace and dignity. Nope. Goin' down fighting over here, with a box of hair dye clutched in my grubbing paws.

I might be getting older, I might feel older but I'm not going to look older. Nope.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Call it a hunch

I'm going back to work as a swim coach and I have to re-take some training classes. No big deal, it's all basic safety stuff. However, open-water swimming is part of the training.

Call it a hunch but I doubt I'm going to need to know how to spot a shark- you know, living in a land locked state and all! It was pretty funny... Adam overheard the clip and asked, "WHAT are you training for?!"

Cole: Mommy, what we having for dinner?
Me: chicken and biscuits
Cole: I help?
Me: Sure.
Cole: Okay! I need hard boil egg with yolk, apples and applesauce! I get the apples!

We settled for making applesauce muffins to go with the chicken.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The benefits of a loosing team

My husband loves baseball and, I used to joke, is one of the few remaining fans of our local major league team. Me? It doesn't include water or people in Speedos, so I go once a year for the food. And because I love my husband... but, yeah, the food.

Our local team has had a rebuilding decade or two. Last year, they were just beginning to get good and this year, they have been REALLY REALLY good. Like, "may go to play offs" good. Normally, I would be like, "Ah, our local team is on the cover of Sports Illustrated! Cool!" and that would be that. However, since DH is a fan, it's been all baseball, all the time around here.

To say I am over this whole thing would be an understatement. I am so tired of the sports channel. I am tired of talking baseball. I am tired of listening to my husband and father talk about baseball. I am tired of DH going to games and bringing home fake plastic helmets that once held nachos. (You can't put them in the dishwasher and they are impossible to store.) Normally, I would have my husband and TV back by now but that isn't the case. From April until October, it has been BASEBALL!!!!


At least when they were losers, I could watch my own TV shows and talk about something other than baseball. I'm happy that they are having two great years in a row but... is the season over yet?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Quick Takes Friday: Birthday, blog, and school

1. Okay, yeah, so I couldn't come up with another "b" word. Anyway, I had my birthday on Saturday. I found a great deal on tickets for the local LEGO discovery zone and we took the kids. We had a great time! All of them did really well and there was only one meltdown, at the end. They took me to a diner for lunch and I had fantastic pie. Summer is here, complete with three-digit degree days so there was no way I was baking myself a cake; besides, you can't go to a real short-order diner without getting pie, can you?

2. That same night we had a neighborhood party at our local pool AND the new season of Doctor Who began. Yes, yes I did get the Doctor for my birthday. Envious? :) I really liked the show especially because Lady Vestra, Strax and Jenny are in it.

3. You know what would be cool? A Doctor Who and Call the Midwife! cross-over with Lady Vestra and Jenny hanging out with Sister Monica Joan and Strax helping the nurses catch babies. "I will now dissolve the mother in acid! Er, I will NOT dissolve the mother in acid!" It's brilliant, no? I should totally work for BBC. ;)

4. On Monday I told our doctor that Joseph and George were handling the transition back to school the best. Of course, the kids then made liars out of me and George had a two day long meltdown. Cole is still a grumpy butt but Camille is getting much better.

5. Cole is partially grumpy because he and I have allergies or a cold. I'm not sure which so I am doping myself with allergy meds. He actually missed school Tuesday because he was so grumpy and tired. I wasn't sure if it was allergies, so he hung out with George and me in the afternoon.

6. I know I need to update more but I do most of my writing while the kids are in activities or in speech. The speech office is the black hole of WiFi and I can't get internet access. I work on other writing projects but it stinks to not blog when I have time to do so!

7. Speaking of blogging, I have a new blog devoted to writing. Check it out!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The middle of the first week

Back to school night was last night. It was only for parents, so Adam and I had to divide and conquer the whole "meet the teacher and learn about the curriculum" thing. I sent Adam to kindergarten since we've done that one three times before and know the teacher well. I might have laughed a little (a lot) when he got lost on the way to the classroom. I headed to third grade and we met up again to brief Joseph's teacher on.... Joseph.

Joe had Camille's teacher in second grade, so much of the information on her style of teaching wasn't new. However, she is very into technology and said the kids will be learning how to be independent learners, monitor their own work, make web pages and the codes that you can scan with your smart phone. Girlfriend's gonna be fixing my computer issues for me soon! The teacher also said that she's been working the kids very, very hard and they could be tired this week. THAT explains why I have had a grumpy, sour-faced princess on my hands this week. Thankfully, she adores school and this teacher is a perfect fit for her.

Joe's teacher is super sweet. She sounds like a great fit for him, strict but loving and down to earth. I have high hopes for him this year!

Of course, the little boys are doing awesome. I thought for sure that George would pass out from exhaustion in the afternoon but 3.5 hours a day, five days a week isn't much different from three hours a week, four days a week. Cole, on the other hand, has revised his emo-goth attitude and is a grouch. I threatened to re-name him Oscar.

Summer has chosen to show up and it's going to 100 degrees this weekend. It is the first time this has happened this summer but still. Ugh. I hope I can steal the older two away so we can see The Giver in a nice, cold AC theater.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Quick Takes Friday: The First Day

The first day of school began like this:
Joseph- 5th grade and not amused by the photos. He ditched us shortly after
Camille- third. She has the same teacher Joe had in second grade and is super excited.
George- kindergarten
Cole- last year of preschool!
George tried to ditch me right away. I told him mommies stay for a few minutes the first day. He ended up kicking me out after ten minutes, which was fine because I had a preschool meeting to attend.

When I picked him up, we went to CFA for lunch and then ran an errand. He told me all about "Pete the Cat." Since he can't say "Pete" I had no clue what he was talking about aside from a stuffed cat who had shoes and they colored their own shoes. His teacher sent me a photo of them with Pete and then his SLP said, "Oh, those are cool books!" Whew! But, apparently, he loved the story since he could tell me all the details!
His teacher told me that when they introduced themselves he said, "Well, you may not be able to understand me but my name is George." It comes out "Forfe." He didn't seem too bothered by the fact that some people may not understand him, which is good.
I met Cole's new SLP at school but have not hunted down the K-5 SLP. I've met her but I need to make sure all the paperwork is in so she can talk to our private SLP. I may also need to ask her IEP questions but I probably shouldn't harass her too much the first few days! ;) Then again, we're going to be working together for the next five years, or more, so she might as well get used to me!
There's a new school nurse. The school year is just beginning so we haven't chatted much. Our paperwork should all be finished so I hope I don't have to talk to her about vaccines. Cole had an allergic reaction to vaccines so he's behind. I doubt I will get him the flu shot either, since that's one he had a reaction to. I don't mind explaining to people WHY he is behind but it gets old having to "justify" why we don't want to give something to our kid that he is allergic to!
After a good first day at school, there were epic meltdowns last night. No, I wasn't one of them. The middle two were overwhelmed and over-tired, which led to tears and a refusal to go to bed. We finally got them down and life seems much better today... they were ready to leave for school 45 minutes early!