Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Rain in Spain: Stuff I Get Done

When the husband is away, the wife... well, I'm not playing, I'm working! I apparently have some bee in my bonnet and I suddenly must do ALL THE THINGS that we've been putting off. Since Adam has been gone, I have:

trimmed and weeded the front bushes

swept the garage

trimmed back the mint plants that were going to over take the deck

cleaned off said deck

painted the playset with outdoor paint

helped the kids wash out the trash and recycling cans. Memo to self: make sure all the dust from the vacuum is in a bag, double sealed, because ew.

watered the garden

moved the compost bin. And when I say "we" I mean "my mom, the original hippie." I helped. Joseph manned the hose.

mopped the kitchen

deep cleaned Camille's room

bought school supplies

had yummy lunches with my mom

had yummy ice cream and wine, but not at the same time, with my mom

got the dog a new collar since he shrunk out of his old one

got the kids some winter/school clothes

And there's still more to do! I need to find George some size six shorts because he refuses to stop growing. Camille says she is "not that into Disney Princesses" anymore and would like some new sheets. I can respect that, so sheet-shopping we will go. If I can, I may borrow a power washer from a friend and really get at the cob webs that are everywhere in the house. Oh, and I need to sell off some 31 stuff.... anyone need a bag?

I'm going to be exhausted when Adam gets home!

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