Monday, May 5, 2014

We partied this weekend

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I was anticipating this past weekend... but dreading it too. We would have so much fun stuff to do but... so.much to do! In the end, it was the perfect weekend and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend.

It began with a little of this:

 Man, the frosting was pink but it was the perfect pink for our pretty pink princess. I did her hair that morning and it looked awesome. I also figured out that I am veil-deficiant. I have never worn one and wasn't sure how to pin  it to her head without drawing blood. I got it on her, though, and she looked lovely. All the children did, really. I know you sometimes see a dress and think, "What the heck were the parents thinking?" but there was none of that at her Mass.

After Mass, Adam took the little boys to baseball practice. They loved it and were properly tired when they came home. Adam said they hit the ball a few times and managed to catch it. I have no dreams of major leagues in this house. I want them to have fun, learn the game and be tired (not always in that order!). Plus, you know the "games" will be precious!

Right after they got home, we had our open house where we cut into the "rustic" cross cake:

I made marshmallow fondant. I have made this before with excellent results (see also: Cole's first birthday cake). It began coming together just fine but then I added too much of something and the result was a thick paste of .... not fondant. I asked Adam to roll it in a ball in the fridge and he didn't. It did not roll out easily or drape nicely. I didn't have any buttercream left so I put in on the cake in strips. I couldn't get the pink (PINK!) buttercream to pipe out, so Grams suggested we place the cupcakes around it to hide the edges. I joked we were going for more symbolism since Jesus was wrapped in a shroud after he died but one of my friends, "No, it's RUSTIC!" Rustic it is!

After tons of cake, more cake and yummy Subway, we watched Frozen and then hyped the kids up on more sugar....

The school carnival was perhaps the best one our school has ever hosted. The weather was perfect and everything was outside. The kids were safe to run fairly free and their tickets got them oodles of candy. All that running made them super tired and Cole asked to go to bed that night! I think we would have all slept in if it hadn't been for this the next day:

My parents and my sister's family joined us for the first time. We all walked together. It was nice to introduce my parents to the people who saved George's life and have them meet some of the children they last saw as babies in the NICU. My sister surprised me by showing us Miss Who's sign on the Boulevard of Babies.I didn't know she had one and it's nice to know that others will see her name and maybe smile.

My camera shy husband and son!
They ended up o n the hospital's FB page!
And the look like they have a bodyguard.

 In many ways, the March was a safe place for all of us. We could talk about Miss Who without having to censor ourselves. People would understand all the terms and it was highly likely no one would say stupid stuff, like "God needs her more than you." I talked to some friends from the NICU who did not know about her and we had a "there but for the grace of God so us" kinda moments. Their children were born at the same gestational age as Miss Who and knew, all too well, the fear of loosing a child. They were super sweet to us.

When we got home that afternoon the kids played with friends and I dozed. We were all soooo tired!

While I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend... I'm glad a break is coming! We have two weeks before another huge weekend of birthday parties, baseball and a huge garage sale!

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