Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Overheard: Are you her sister?

The DRE, to my sister: I know who you are! You're Laura's sister!

The principal: Oh, yes, I saw your sister! I had to do a double take, wondering if I really missed something!
(My sister is having a baby so she's visibly pregnant)

A friend of Adam's from work: Um, is your wife pregnant?
Adam: No, but my sister-in-law is!

I joked that this was PAYBACK. Every time I go to visit my parents, I am mistaken for her or am HER sister. I told my sister she should have looked confused and said, "No, I'm Laura!" and really messed with people.


Cole: I Cole. I four and I have TWO red light sabers!

Cole napped through most of my awesome dental experience. When he woke, he looked confused and then said the above. It was adorable.

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  1. Man, will there ever be a time where you don't get confused for looking like someone else? :)