Friday, May 2, 2014

Quick Takes Friday: We interrupt this First Communion Prep...

To bring you Quick Takes Friday and allow me something to do other than cleaning!

1. Mad, mad props to my little boys who have been drug on errands all week. They have put up with Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's (which seem to be taking a leaf of out Wal-Mart's books and never, ever have enough cashiers staffed!), Wal-Mart, Target, JoAnn's AGAIN, and the Catholic bookstore. Both boys were so well behaved and helped me pick out everything I need for our open house.

2. In a fit of ... brilliance? thinking I am crafty? insanity? I ordered the pink cupcake toppers from Pink Posy Paperie. They came out oh-so-cute and the file was easy to download and print. I adore them and we're using them for cupcake toppers and to put on treat bags.

3. Now, I thought I was being all frugal with these things. The price of the download was quite reasonable. I already have the card stock. I could have cut them out by hand but a) why? and b) friends promised me that the punch for them was reasonably priced. I'm sure this is true... if you don't have to buy TWO. The big pink flowers in the back are from the orginal punch I got. I opened it, used it and realized it wasn't what I needed. I had to go BACK to the store to get the one I did need. The four dollar cupcake toppers ended up costing me nearly $25! I really, really hope there is another occasion to use "God Bless Camille Julia" themed items!

4.I'm not sure if this is the cheapest thing I have ever done or if I was going to EPIC SYMBOLISM but I bought Easter Candy at 75 per cent off to use in the bags. I found chocolate coins, which the kids love, and placed 2-3 in each bag. I mean, if we didn't have the Eucharist, we wouldn't have Easter... or, um, vise versa. And the coins are the size of a Host! See? Not cheap at all. Right. 

5. I also have to give a shout-out to the Religious Education department. Camille was chatting about the "dress rehearsal" they did and she was making comments like, "We used the Eucharist but it wasn't the REAL Eucharist because the priest hadn't made it into God's body yet" and "They said I can take it in my hands or my tongue. Mommy, which should I do?" I'm impressed with that because few people Recieve in the mouth now so it's nice that it was presented as a viable option for the kids. I told her to do what she prefers and what is most comfortable. I think she should do what she is most comfortable with the first time but after that, she can try receiving in a different way. 

6. Oh, you want to see a pic of my daughter in her dress before the big day?

The dress and veil were actually a gift from a friend. Her mother couldn't just sell it or donate it and wanted to find a little girl who would use it. My mom did the minor alterations. We all love it because it is so pretty, so fancy but modest and very "little girl." I found her tights on sale at the Gap and her shoes came from Zulily. The Rosary was a gift from my parents when they went to Italy a few years ago. It has SAINT John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict on it! The bracelt is a small gold one and each link is shaped like a bow. It was my mother's. I bought her birthstone earrings as a gift (yes, they are red) and my mom gifted her with a cross necklace. She also has a little white sweater (yep, made by Grams!) to wear.
I love that so many people donated time and gifts to her special outfit. It really makes it even more special, don't you think?

7. Sunday is also the March for Babies. This year, my parents and my sister's family will be joining us. I am a little emotional about it but I'm reminding myself of all the GOOD things that have come from our time in the NICU. I mean, I would do nearly ANYTHING to bring my niece back but... at least good came come out of bad! But I suppose that is a post for another time.

Have a wonderful weekend and please keep my daughter, and the other kids receiving their FHC, in your prayers!

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