Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quick Takes Saturday

1. I'm sitting here, eating popcorn, in a house that is quiet. Adam has taken the kids grocery shopping by himself. God love the man!

2. Adam and the two big ones are going to a swim party for an Adventure Guides group they belong too. George is beside himself so I insanely promised to take him swimming at our gym. It's January in the midwest! Brrrr.

3. The kids are into Doctor Who with us. I love it because we can watch most of the shows together and it's not some kiddie show. We still watch an insane amount of Jake and the NeverLand Pirates or Mickey Mouse but Doctor Who is fun too. My favorites are the ones where they go back in time and find aliens. I mean, aliens in outer space is fairly predictable. Aliens in Elizabethan England? Well, that's different.

4.  Cole has informed me that his favorite characters are Darth Vader and the Daleks. I'm never going to introduce him to Harry Potter or he might fall in love with Lord Voldemort!

5. Today, we had this conversation:
Me: Cole, where are your Darth Vader shoes?
C: I no have Darth Vader shoes!
Me: The red ones. Where are they.
C: Darth Vader black! He not red!
Me: Fine! The Darth MAUL shoes. Where are they?
C: Oh. I don't know.

6. And this one:
Cole: Doctor kill Daleks.
Me: He killed the Daleks.
C: Yeah! Two.
Adam: How many are left now?
C: One!
Me: Well, that's a fairly accurate summary of the show!

7. We're getting ready for a big day Monday. Our baby girl turns EIGHT!

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