Thursday, January 23, 2014

Trapped at Target

Yesterday, Cole and I made a trek to Target because... duh. No, really, we had a mission! Camille turns 8 on monday and we needed to buy her another small gift. (I ordered her big gift from Amazon- one of those diaries that will only open to your voice. She's been asking for one and Adam gave me a weird look when I told him what I was getting her. She lives in a house with three brothers. Enough said.) I also wanted to look at towels in person because we are re-doing the master bath this spring.

Yes, I realize how lame the first part of that sentence sounded.

We pulled up to Target and Cole started clapping. He said, "Mommy, I go Tar-get and get car BOOM!"

"Oh, you're going to Target to get a monster truck?" I asked, parroting back his words.

"Yay!" he cheered. "I get car boom!" I started laughing, realizing I had been HAD by a three year old.

We complete our shopping trip, which included a car boom AND Goldfish crackers, and then I realized . . . I hadn't seen my keys the entire trip.

At all.

We went over to the food court and I dumped out my entire purse, looking for my keys. Nothing.

Popping Cole in the cart, I went back to the car and saw my keys still in the ignition, surrounded by five locked doors. I looked at Cole. He showed me his monster truck. I sighed and called Adam.

Adam didn't answer his phone. Of course. I sent him a text, hoping his phone was on even if he was in a meeting. He didn't reply.

Cole and I trekked back into Target and parked ourselves in the food court with popcorn and a soda. While the monster truck ate popcorn, I sent a text to my sister for laughs ("I think this is every mom's dream and every husband's worst nightmare- unlimited time at Target!") and contemplated doing more shopping. But, hey, since Cole was happily eating and playing, I stayed put, thankful I did my errands right after lunch rather than right before school let out.

About fifteen minutes into our snack, Adam sent me a text that said, "I'm on my way. What Target?" I told him and added, "Are you going to mock me?"

"Yes," was the reply. I love you too, honey.

Adam showed up just in time and tossed me my keys. Cole cheered and showed him his new car. I've jokingly referred to Adam as the Prince Charming since then- he even has a white steed! (His car is white.) I suppose there are many, many worse places to be stuck than a nice warm Target with my littlest buddy (trust me, I've been stuck in some of them!)

Oh and the towels? That's a rant for another day. For over 12 dollars A TOWEL the things had better walk themselves to the washer!

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