Monday, February 3, 2014

My Laptop and the Epic Death

I should preface this by saying that my Princess had a SNOW MUCH FUN! birthday this weekend and I will blog about it... as soon as my computer returns from the grave.

I know, I know, I should stop exaggerating. But, really, it's dead. Done, done dead.

Back in September (or so) my then-laptop shut down on me. It literally said, "I'm done" and shut off. I tried to reboot it and noting happened. I had a mild-freak out moment since all my photos and writing were on the laptop and I hadn't backed up anything. Bad, bad Laura. Stupid, stupid Laura.

I took my laptop to the nice computer man who remembered me from when my kids threw the iPad down the stairs and shattered the screen. He said my laptop had reached its final days and there was no hope. He sold me a refurbished model and put all my files from my old computer to my new one. I loved him for it.

Then just after the warranty period ended, my computer would randomly flash and say the graphics driver was bad. Annoying but life got busy so taking it in was not on my to-do list. I was able to write, photo edit and, yes, I backed up everything to a USB drive.

On Friday, I opened my laptop to finally get some work done while the little boys were at TKD. It took a long time to boot up and when I brought my file up, it was slow. Like, frozen molasses slow. When I typed, it wouldn't repsond or would be very delayed in its response. At one point, it shut down, which I thought was odd. I rebooted it and tried the internet. Nothing.

Then it flashed faster than a strobe light and shut down.

I put the computer away, figuring I would try again when I got home. I did and everything worked for a bit... and then I noticed the smell. it was a mild "burning plastic" smell.I checked the computer all over to make sure everything was okay and I didn't see any smoke, nor could I pin-point where the smell was coming from. At that point, I unplugged it and pulled out the battery. I'm no computer guru but even I know computers aren't supposed to burn!

I asked around and everyone told me to get a Mac. I had an evil, horrible Mac experience in college so I am gun shy about it... but since this is my second PC in six months, I was willing to look into it. I had to stop, though, when I found that new ones cost $1,000 and refurbished ones cost nearly that! Holy cow!

Adam is taking my computer to the store Tuesday. I have all my files on my USB port but no laptop to write on! I'm on the kids computer now and who didn't put Office on it? THIS GIRL! I have no way to write and minimal blogging and Facebook time since I have to share with the little buggers.

I suppose this means laundry will get done? Darn!

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