Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Proof that 2013 wasn't all bad (Or, as close as I will get to a Christmas letter)

When I complain that there wasn't a single thing about 2013 I really care to remember, Adam rolls his eyes. I didn't even make a quick note for the back of our Christmas card this year because I couldn't think of anything that wouldn't depress the piss out of people.

(Yes, I said that. Sorry.) Instead, it said something like, "Looking forward to joy and peace in 2014!" I thought that was generic enough for people that didn't need to know ALL. THE. THINGS. while people who did know would get it.

Anyway, when I get like this, Adam makes me think of all the GOOD things that happen. Honestly, sometimes it's hard. But with Dwija's link up, I think I might. I can find one good thing every month, right? Like...

January- Camille turned seven and we surprised her with a PINK bedroom!

And who can forget....

March: Pope Francis love. Visiting my parents and sister and co for my mother's birthday. Painting the inside of the house.


April: Oh, April. Traveling to New York for my uncle's funeral. Cole turned three. Joe turned nine.Miss Who was born... on Joe's birthday! March for Babies.

The HILLS! They were alive, people! And trees! Big trees! But no Bigfoot.

May: Mother's Day and a road trip with just my big ones.
Camille tried on the wedding dress my grandmother, aunt, mother, myself AND sister wore! Joe ate too much bacon and I visited Miss Who and co again. And the chicken pox. Whoa to the chicken pox!

June: The Epic VBS Disaster, another trip to see my parents, and chicken pox, 2013, part two! Cole also potty trained and we had ZERO KIDS IN DIAPERS, YAY!
Cole also spent the entire summer in swim trunks. It was hilarious!

We went to a local garden to see LEGO statues. 

July: One does not speak about July. Ever
Well, we did go to Wisconsin again. But other than that....

August: My birthday and massive DIY projects inspired by Pinterest. 

I did not make this dry sink. My uncle, who passed away in April, did.
I changed out the hardware.

September: First Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and the NICU Reunion and a fun trip to Austin with friends!

October: Halloween! My sister came to visit and we had awesome, awesome photos taken.

I have no Halloween pictures. Instead, I give you adorableness at the pumpkin patch:

November: Surprise trip to CO, George turned five and had a huge party, Thanksgiving and the NICU Thanksgiving.

And the hats. Don't forget the 80 hats we had donated to the NICU!
Can you smell the turkey toniiiight?

December: Camille's First Reconcilliation. Joe's first strings concert. Food allergy results. A new diet. And CHRISTMAS!

It took all year to get this good photo!
A big thank you to my brother-in-law for taking it!
Looking back, it seems like the beginning of the year- Camille's new room, painting the house, the Conclave- all happened in a "before" life.There's been an "after" since July, where it feels like the world is a bit topsy-turvy. Now that they year is nearly over, I feel like I have my feet under me a bit and I'm returning to a new me. It's defiantly been a journey.

Am I sad to see 2013 go? Not really. In some ways, this year has perhaps been the most defining year for me and my extended family. We've gone through trial under fire. Do I think we will all be better for it? Sure, in some way. Does that mean I want us to go through any of this again? Um, hell no!

Am I looking forward to 2014? YES! Like I posted yesterday, I have hope that things will be better, Hope that things I feared won't be as bad. Hope that I have someone on my side who can advocate with me. 

And, geez, in 2014 Camille will turn eight and have her first Communion. Joe will turn TEN! Cole will be four. George will start kindergarten and all that it brings. It will be Joseph's last year in elementary school. Friends will be coming to town for a retreat. My cousins and I are talking of getting together this summer. 2014 will mark the end of so many firsts and eternal anniversaries but the beginning of so much more.

I can't help but... for the first time in a long time... I can't help but hope.

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