Monday, February 18, 2013

This Post is Not About Potty Training

The kids have had five days off from school and it's been... interesting.

They were off Valentine's Day thanks to Parent/Teacher Conferences. I didn't want to spend the whole weekend at home, so I packed the kids up and went to the mall. We had CFA for lunch and looked for spring clothes for the kids. Joseph informed me that he hated everything and was not going to shop for clothes. I told him he could go naked all spring and summer. The dude has grown alot this year, in height and attitude. I did find him some short sleeved shirts at Crazy8 that are acceptable because they are about airplanes or swimming. However, I need his body for shorts and it's going to be a doozy dragging him with me to try them on.

I did get items for the other kids, though. Cole is set and I found a Bigfoot shirt for George at Naartje.Between on-line shopping and the mall, Camille is set for the forseeable future. She has grown so much in just seven months that all her skorts are too short... but the next size up is too big in the waist! Doesn't get it from me. Heh.

Friday we laid low and cleaned the house. Cole had a cough and wouldn't nap. I was worried he was getting sick so I kept him home. My parents arrived before dinner and Adam and I took off for a two day retreat at our parish. That was... worthy of several blog posts.

Why is this not about potty training? Because thanks to Camp Grams and Nono, someone may have been dry all weekend. Someone may be in underwear now and someone MAY be asking to use the potty. I may be planning a Bigfoot cake and I may be hoping that I am washing the last load of preschool cloth diapers. I may have plans to not buy anymore daytime pull ups.

Maybe. ;)

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