Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Insanity is Strong with Me

I got a e-mail from the boys preschool teacher asking for volunteers for a school field trip. Although one goes in the morning and another in the afternoon, all the kids will be going on this trip in the morning and there will be no PM preschool.

I could have a whole morning TO MYSELF... or I could go with the boys on their trip.

I said I would go.

EVEN THOUGH it could be an EPIC failure because the boys would cling to me the whole time and I couldn't help with a group.

EVEN THOUGH I am giving up Starbucks, running and writing in PEACE AND QUIET.

EVEN THOUGH I will probably sneeze to death while I am on the hay ride.

EVEN THOUGH my sister is visiting THE NEXT DAY and I will need to get the house cleaned. Sorry, Sis, it will be a mess.

EVEN THOUGH I will have all four kids underfoot for a long weekend.

Is this the stuff saints are made of?

Naw, I don't mind! I love fall and pumpkins and this is to a pumpkin patch. Plus, I haven't been on a field trip since Joe was in kindy! It's nice to be able to go on one with two of my boys. Still... I think I was slightly insane to agree to this!

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