Monday, July 1, 2013

Are you my mother?

This week, I visited my sister’s family. Miss Who was having surgery so I went up to cheer her (and her parents) on. This time, we managed to not dress alike but we still look like, well, sisters and have (apparently) similar mannerisms. I was standing in the doorway of Miss Who’s room when a doctor came down the hall and said, “I know who’s sister you are!” He promptly tripped over a wayward IV pole and I contemplated throwing my body over the baby, to protect her from him. I mean, if the man can’t walk straight, he can’t be trusted to preform medical procedures on my sweet niece, right?
(No, he’s fine. Actually, he is the epitome of awesomeness, has earned the nickname Dr. Patronus and I am adopting him. He is THAT wonderful!)

So, right away this doctor pegged us as sisters. Fine, no problem. But as we were leaving my sister stopped to talk to the nurse at the front desk. They chatted about the baby (who is loved and adored by the entire staff AS IT SHOULD BE) and then the nurse asked, “Is this your mother?”

Now, I had just come off a looong train ride. I was brewing a pretty good migraine and really, really needed a glass of water and some dinner. There was a chance I had heard wrong.

But no.

My sister and I kinda looked at each other and I said, “No. I’m her older sister but I’m only 8 years older.” We said good night and left, befuddled.
The next morning, we told our mother this story, chuckling. I said, “I don’t even have grey hair! I’m not that old! I don’t even- no offense- dress like a grandma!”

“Well, you do dress like a mom,” she said practically. “Because, you know, you ARE one!”
“I do not wear mom clothes! Are you getting back at me for blogging about the mom jeans?” She didn’t answer. Hurmp.

Now. Logically, I can sorta see the nurse’s point. If my sister was very young (she’s not) and I had a baby very young (I didn’t) then yes I could be a very young grandmother. BUT I DON’T LOOK LIKE A GRANDMA! Right? RIGHT?
After huffing that I didn’t love either of them, I went to use the bathroom. On the back door, I thought I saw my bathing suit hanging to dry. I was confused, as I had left that particular suit at home. Then I realized… yes, my mother and I have bathing suits with similar prints.

You know what? All this I can get over. But when I was laughing about it my husband, he said, "You do tend to dress like an old lady. You wear long skirts."
"The maxi dress fashion is IN!" I informed him.
"No, that skirt," he said, gesturing to my peasant style blue skirt and ruffled top that I got lots of complements on when I wore it to an event at church. "Old ladies wear that skirt." [Note: No old ladies I know would wear that skirt.] "You should wear shorter skirts."
Ha. No.
No worries, though. I get the hint, peeps. I CLEARLY need a spa day, a color and cut and a whole new wardrobe! Who's in?

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  1. Ha ha! Well, now I feel better for being called "Grandma" by a pirate today. People need their eyes examined!! *I* don't think you look old enough to be a grandma, even if, ok, technically we could be. But people shouldn't assume!

    I have to admit, the bathing suit thing made me laugh… :)