Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to Freak Out a Husband and Amuse Your Mother

I wouldn't say my sister and I have the same taste in clothes. Sure, we shop at the same places and we tend to like the same colors. We do swap maternity clothes around and pass kid clothing back and forth. It's not that one of us has poor taste in clothes; it's just different.

Or so I assumed.

When I visit my parents I tend to dress a little nicer than normal. The kids play happily and quietly or my parents watch them while I shower and dress. Since I won't be walking kids to school or cleaning the house, I can wear something other than jeans. I had packed several nicer tops to chose from, a skirt, slacks and two different dresses to chose from (for brunch). After thinking a moment, I picked a lavender top layered with a white tank and black slacks. I had black ballet flats to wear and some jewelry. At the last moment, I chose not to wear my long beaded necklace that I can loop in various styles.

When I walked downstairs to greet my sister, I found her wearing.... a lavender top layered with a white tank, jeans, flats, and a loopy pearl necklace. We laughed and our mother snapped a few pictures. Although I threatened to change, I didn't. I figured our tops were different enough styles that no one would notice.

If they did, no one commented until we stopped at another room to talk to Miss Who's nurse. The family of the NICU baby has an older daughter who was with them. She stopped her playing, looked up at us and said, "Why are you two dressed the same?"

When we got back to my parents house, my brother-in-law walked in the room, started to say hello, then stopped and said, "Eh, did you two plan that?"

No, no we didn't but if a guy notices I guess our outfits were alike!

That night, I joked to my sister that I was wearing a green and grey maxi dress the next day and to not wear the same colors! She didn't . . . but she wore a pretty wrap skirt, the same style of skirt that I almost grabbed to wear to brunch!

I think we might need to call each other from now on to make sure we DON'T dress the same!

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