Friday, May 17, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Toliet Paper Edition

  1. I have no idea how or why, but my children and two of their friends TP'd the play set yesterday. Yes, the play set! I know they've seen houses TP'd in the neighborhood (part of some high school hazing, I think) so they know what it is and we've talked about what a mess it makes. Right now, I just want to bang my head against  the wall and say, "WTF were you thinking?!"
And, yes, I made them clean it up before school. They dragged their feet and whined. I made THEM explain why they were late. I thought their teachers eyes were going to bug out of their heads!

2. Back in February, Adam and I went to the Awful Marriage Retreat and my mother, who was watching the kids, potty trained George. (Mom got a really nice birthday present from us!) She's been joking to Cole, "You'd better watch out! You're next!" Well, George apparently heard this and is trying to put Mom out of a job. George has been taking Cole into the bathroom and helping him sit on the potty. He says, "We no need yelp!" and shuts the door in my face. It's the funniest thing ever... and we'd better watch out, because I think whatever he is doing is working! Wouldn't it be odd if my late potty trainer trained his little brother? Even better... won't it be odd without diapers in the house?! Yeah, I think I could deal!

3. Normally when your husband says, "Honey, I got your Mother's Day present at a garage sale!" it doesn't mean anything good. However, he found a Phil and Ted's stroller with the doubles attachment! I am in love! I had been asking for one for years and he said there was no way he was going to spend several hundred dollars on a stroller. I've been through several strollers (all but one were second hand) and this is the nicest double stroller I have ever had. It is easy to push with 70 pounds of kid loaded up. I haven't jogged with it yet but man oh man is this thing awesome!

4. The kids normal pencent for early 1990's TV has been replaced by the Disney "Buddy" series about dogs that play ball or go into space. I can't say I'm complaining. There was only so much "Power Rangers" I could take.

5. Speaking of TV, what the HECK is up with the new Scooby Doo? I remember four kids and a dog who solved mysteries. They were all friends. Now they are all paired up (Fred/Daphne, Velma/ Shaggy), dating and there's load of teenage/young adult angst. The mysteries are weird too and much more conspiracy-theory. (Greys? Alien probing?) I need to find the Scooby Doo I knew and loved because... this new stuff is weird.

6. George does an adorable "Scooby doobe do!" imitation. It's so cute!

7. Joseph is over a 3 day stomach flu. I ended up getting him adjusted so his immune system could work better to fight the virus. We ended up having to be very careful about what he ate or drank as it would come right back up, but he's on the end now. He's acting like a typical 9 year old boy... sigh.

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