Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Walden Family and the Terrible,Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Friday

I actually wrote my Quick Takes Friday notes around 10 am Friday Morning. Normally I do them the night before and schedule them for that morning. I was behind that week, so I just popped them out that am. Plus, the boys had been up early and it was the first day of summer break, so I thought we all deserved a morning to just chill.

After hearing, "But what will we doooooo today?" I said to the kids, "I have errands to run. We need to go to the vacuum store, Hobby Lobby and the grocery store. Let's do our errands and get lunch on the way out." By the time I had showered and dressed, the kids had cleaned up the living room and were ready to rock and roll. Cole even used the potty and was refusing a diaper! Yay!

After driving through two different fast food joints (see how nice I was! I don't normally do that) we went and got a new vacuum tube. Errand one? Check! Painless!

Then we went to Hobby Lobby. By this time, Cole had sucked down half my tea, so I said, "Let's all use the potty! Isn't the potty TOTALLY FUN? AM I RIGHT?" Camille got the hint and was all, "The potty is AWESOME! I could use the potty ALL DAY!" Joseph was like, "No." Guess who won herself a pony?

We roamed Hobby Lobby with a VERY crabby 3 year old who was pouting because I made him hold hands in the parking lot. After finding the potty, he sat and didn't go. Then he sat on the dirty bathroom floor and pouted. Potty? FAIL.

We got what we needed and spent time staring at a fake vintage train that cost 40 dollars. I refused to buy said train and hauled the kids to the front, where some one's weather alert app kept going off. The kids freaked out and then were side tracked by the stuffed animals. I got to say "No" fifty million times.

By this time, Joseph reminded me that he needs summer jammies. He won't wear an old shirt and boxers to bed, he wants jammies. Fine. We detour to TCP, where my kids acted as birth control for the teenage population.

And Cole peed on the floor.

I steered him to the bathroom where he threw a fit because I held his hand. I changed him then lined up to buy jammies and a t-shirt. At this point, my kids went bat-shit insane and I wondered if leaving them there was an option.

I didn't. Instead, I hauled them out to the car and read them the riot act about how they SHOULD NOT climb clothing racks or play in dressing rooms. Instead of going to the grocery store, we were going home and they could STARVE for dinner since we had NO FOOD. They were going to sit on the couch and do NOTHING for one hour.

They did, but when that one hour was up the whinnnnnning began. Of course, George doesn't have CP and they could have friends over and go to the poooool and the pool isn't cooooold. I finally told them they could go to the pool when Daddy go home, fully intending to pass them off to their father and run to the store alone.

Except as soon as I was ready to leave, the basement leaked. Again. And while it still was NOT sewage, it was right in the area where my dolls are.

(Yes, I am a grown woman with a doll collection. A NICE doll collection with family dolls that I love.)

I was not happy.

I might have thrown a fit and locked myself in my room to cool down.

See, I had been asking my husband for four years to get shelves to get the dolls up off the ground. He has refused because basements in the Midwest do not flood.


We spent several hours cleaning and organizing the basement AGAIN. The good news is that it will be clean and purdy come large trash pick up day. The bad news... my doll boxes (most of which were in giant cardboard boxes) got damp and I am worried about mold and mildew. I opened every single boxes, checked for leaks and moved the doll boxes to a shelf that had been holding out grown and to-grow-into clothes.

On Saturday, I was still in a bad mood but a little calmed down. Adam took the children out for the morning so I could write and when he came home, he said, "Guess what I got you at Home Depot?!"


"No! Roses for the backyard! I know you wanted something under the bay window, so I though rose bushes would look nice!"

Husband? FAIL. I gave him The Look and asked, "What is cheaper? A divorce laywer or new shelves?" He wisely picked shelves and bought home a massive unit on Sunday. About half the basement is in our dining room/craft room because I can't and won't take stuff down there until the shelving unit is up. We haven't had time to do that because...

George has chicken pox. 

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