Friday, June 7, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Poxy, Cold, Non-traveling Summer

  1. Like I said Wednesday, George has the chicken pox. My poor boy has it bad, bad, bad and he is not happy, happy, happy. (Yes, we watch Duck Dynasty!) For the first two days, I think he was pretty proud of his pox. Then yesterday he walked up to me and said, "Mommy, I hate my chicken poxs." He was, and still is, complaining that his spots hurt. Not itch- and he hasn't been scratching- but hurt. All he wanted to do was snuggle, which is not really like him. I spent most of the afternoon and evening on the couch with him, watching everything Disney has to offer.
  2. Last night, he spent the night with us in bed. That sounds great until you realize that I had taken myself to HIS bed (thanking God that we had bought the boys new big-boy beds!) and Adam was not-sleeping with him. I think there was a 3 am McDonald's run for ice cream. This was a brilliant idea on my husband's part... except the ice cream machine was broken. They got a smoothie instead and it helped his mouth enough that he could eat breakfast this morning. That, and a hefty dose of Tylenol and Benadryl, per doctor's orders.
  3. As you can imagine, my older kids are going stir cray-cray. I dumped Camille off with a friend's yesterday but none of Joseph's friends could play. He moped around the house until Adam got home and I took both Joe and Cami out for a run. That was not the most relaxing run I have ever had. It was like running with squirrels who have ADD and never stop talking! My kids have better running endurance and lung power than I thought!
  4. On the agenda today is tye-dying shirts for the DirtyDuo next week. Our team is the "Dirty Smelly Hippie Mamas." I think tye-dying is fitting, no?
  5. Speaking of my race, Adam is gone until right before the race. I guess where he is going is better than where they want to send him: Paris! Yes, he is going to Paris- alone. I am not terribly happy about this. Actually, that is a big understatement. We are not talking about this.
  6. My niece, Miss Who, still needs some mega-prayers for her lungs.
  7. Actually, so does another mother who had PPROM at 15 weeks! Jen has links over at Conversion Diary, so check it out!

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