Monday, June 3, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: Week of June 3rd

Been awhile since I did a Menu Plan Monday so here it goes! With Summer Break upon us, I have four mouths to feed all day long. When the older two are home, they seem to think it is a free-for-all snack fest. I beg to differ and I get seriously tired of picking up popsicle wrappers everywhere! They can and do make their own snacks but they lack the ability to clean up after themselves without copious amounts of nagging... so I'm laying the smack down on "we all want different snacks at different times and each snack requires 30 minutes of prep and clean up EACH!"

(They are also getting schooled on chores and clean up this summer. I know, so mean yeah?)

Anyway, this weeks menu plan for the insanely cold summer break:

Breakfast: cereal, PB toast or oatmeal and vats of coffee.

Morning snack: peanut butter crackers that Adam got a really good deal on at Wal-Mart

M:ramen noodles and fruit
T: grilled cheese, celery sticks, carrots
W: Pasta (plain with cheese), veggies, fruit
Th: Out to eat since we have dr appointments and speech all around lunchtime
Fri: Peanut butter and honey and fruit

Afternoon snack: crackers, some form of protein (cheese or PB) and fruit

M: Spicy Avocado Chicken Enchiladas. I plan to make them not-spicy since we are weenies.
T: potato bar (cheese, leftover BBQ, etc)
W: Mexican Casserole
Th: Spaghetti
F: Grilled hamburger wraps (grilled on the George Forman grill, not outside)
Sides are always fresh fruits and veggies.
Weekend: Adam grills or we have leftovers

Drinks: always water, sometimes milk, unsweet iced tea, sparkling water, sometimes juice.

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