Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Quarantine on Summer Break Edition

There are some perks to being under house arrest while waiting for your kid to break out in spots. Cole decided to use the potty! I put him in underpants to help with the spots that were being rubbed against his diaper. At dinner, I asked him if he need to use the potty and he said, "NO POTTY!" but then jumped down, ran to the bathroom and got himself on the potty. I MIGHT have done an End-Zone dance!
Since then, he's used the potty a handful of times. We have to keep underwear or a bathing suit on him or we have to play "Find the Poop." Since no one likes to play "find the poop", underwear it is!
Except for yesterday, when he was throwing temper tantrum after temper tantrum and I finally put him in a diaper. I am a lazy mom. But not today! Today we wear underwear!
Except I have a load of errands to do... maybe I should rethink this.
Speaking of errands, yes we have to STAY AWAY FROM EVERYONE BECAUSE YOUR CHILD IS GERMY AND COULD CAUSE AN EPIDEMIC! OMG! I can take them to a few non-crowded stores until George breaks out. You'd better believe I am maxizing my ability to get out of the house while I can, although we so stay home most of the time.
Since someone is using the potty, I washed and sunned all the diapers to get them ready to sell. Cha-ching! Nine years of cloth diapering is almost OVER. You're welcome, Mother Earth.
Except Mother Earth probably hates me because a large rainforest DIED for my children's education. They cleaned out their desks and brought home all the end of the year paperwork. The older two had thick folders thanks to end of year testing results and report cards. The littles had IEP updates. I looked over the report cards and still cannot make hide nor hair of the 1-2-3 grading system. Why does my child who has trouble reading get all 3's (saying "mastered the subject") while the child who has clearly mastered subjects gets 2's ("progressing"). Can we say "subjective grading," children?
It's been raining cats and dogs, turning our backyard into a swap. On a non-rainy day, Adam mowed the lawn and accidently unplugged the sump pump. The next day, we had a huge rainstorm and a small flood in the basement. Thankfully, the food storage, my dolls and clothing were far, far away from the flood. Joseph and I heard the water spraying and ran down to the basement. Yes, I stood in water to unplug the pump. Yes, it was stupid but, at that point, there was no where that wasn't water! The kids were AWESOME and helped haul up boxes, move stuff away from the water and bring towels. I ended up having to do several loads of laundry because of this but I'm just thankful it wasn't worse... and it wasn't sewage!
Today is the first day of summer break and we were woken up at six am by a thunder storm and the boys, who were freaking out. We had to have the "If the storm wakes you up, come snuggle in bed, sleep on the floor, whatever, but do NOT freak out, turn on all the lights, yell, whine or demand food." Yeah. It went like that.
Our summer routine starts Monday. I am busy typing it out, getting workbooks together (I am THAT MOM) and stocking up on food.
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