Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I survived the Dirty Duo!

And it was six miles! SIX! I've only run two on my own! To be fair, I didn't realize it was six miles when I signed up, but...

My friend and I had to leave our houses at six forty-five am. We had a very last minute car problem that nearly put us out of the running, literally. We were supposed to take her car since mine was going to be in the shop getting the AC (finally! after months!) fixed. Then the day before her car broke down and her husband needed their van to take her kids to baseball. I finally convinced Adam to let me drive his car and to borrow his parents van.

Now, my husband loooves his car. I swear he loooves it more than me most days. I've known the man over 19 years and it has only been in the past year that he has allowed me to drive one of his cars. I guess he figures that if he is going to have a car that does not fit all of us, I'd better use it when I need an extra car!

Anyway, he was telling me things like, "triple park horizontally" and "park far away so no one can park near you." I sent a text to my sister asking her to find a picture of a car similar to Adam's parked in the mud. I wanted her to send it to him to harass him... but, apparently, pictures like that do not exist!

The race itself was... long. It was made longer by the fact that we all ran in the wrong direction for half a mile! I have no stamina, so I was pooped at the beginning. I didn't pace myself well because I was trying to keep up with my friend, who is a much stronger runner than I am. She quickly outpaced me and I ran/walked the whole way.

At about every mile, there were obstacles and most were pretty easy, like walking on a log. I say easy... but when your legs are so sore and tired from running, everything is hard! I tired, though, and the only ones I didn't finish were the ones that required upper body strength. When the going got really tough, I thought of my sister and Miss Who and kept on running/walking.

AND I WASN'T LAST! My friend was wearing the time piece but I think I did six miles in about a hour and half.

And we went through the mud! We were totally disgusting and covered in mud. My parents and Adam snapped pictures, my kids watched the mud pit and I inhaled a hot dog. (I think it was a hot dog... I'm not sure I tasted it.)

Will I do another one? Yes but I will make sure it is a 5k first! The Dirty Duo? Maybe... if I keep running and can work up to six miles. Right now, it's more about time. I have 45 to 60 minutes to run in the mornings so I just go with what I have, no matter the distance. (I think I could go pretty far if I pushed myself but that's another post.)

Oh, and in case you are wondering... I took a nice long bath when I got home and napped!

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