Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Ends in Puke

I really wish I had a creative title for this, or that I was joking. I'm not.

Now, I like puke as much as the next mother (read: I don't) but this time I have a special reason to FREAK THE FRICK OUT: we were visiting Miss Who's family.

Yeah, Miss Who, my niece, the one who was born at 25 weeks? That Miss Who- and her brothers and her parents and my parents.

Excuse me whilst I abuse exclamation points: !!!!!!!

Shortly after Miss Who was born, I told my parents and my sister that I would come up for Mother's Day. After much hemming and hawing, I decided to leave the little boys at home with Adam and take just my big kids with me. Aside from the fact that they wanted and needed just time with Mommy and their grandparents, without the chaos two little preschoolers (plus their preschool cousins) can cause, we could stay with my parents. (George and Cole seem to be allergic to cats and they have two.) We didn't tell the boys where we were going, although they knew we were traveling. Adam said they were kinda grumpy the entire weekend but were otherwise fine.

(He also admitted that it is easier with Joseph and Camille around because they do help out. The Troublesome Tots just leave chaos in their wake.)

We had a great trip. We left around six and got to my parents house laaaattte.  I got to see Miss Who outside of her isolette and hang out while her mommy had cuddle time. It was so awesome to really see her and watch her react to her mother's voice. She kept needing less and less oxygen while she was being held, even with my voice and presence there. (Sometimes unfamiliar voices can stress a preemie out- she did great! Guess she knows who will spoil her!) I even managed to make her a tiny, floppy brimmed hat that fit her!

As we were leaving the NICU, I got a call from Adam. Nothing good usually comes from, "Hey, honey, I got you a Mother's Day present at a garage sale!" I groaned and was ready to ream him when he followed up with, "I found a Phil and Ted's stroller with the doubles attachment for $75!" I about died! I have been wanting one for-ever! They are supposed to be the best, most lightweight strollers out there. I have tried jogging with our sit and stand and that just didn't work. It was so hard to push with only 30 pounds of kid; no way could I do it with both boys. Adam has tried it and says it pushed easily and stears well. I joked with my mother that I have no reason to give up running now. Darn that supportive husband who bought me running shoes, an armband for my phone, cleans the house while I am running AND buys me a dream stroller!

After hangin' with The Who, we went out to lunch and came home to dinner with everyone. I was very well fed and even more so the next day, when we went out to brunch on base. It felt oddly normal to be back on a military base. We lived on base when I was a teenager and, let's be honest, most military bases around the world look the same! Anyway, the food was great and we got home in time for a late dinner.

So, the puke. As we were driving home, the kids told me how much they enjoyed being with their grandparents and playing with their cousins without their brothers. It really cemented the choice I made and that the big kids needed some big kid time. They asked when we would visit again and I said I didn't know. The want to see Miss Who but completely understand the need to keep her germ-free for awhile. I remind them that they have her whole life to love on her but right now, she needs the quiet time with just her parents. I even said, "You know, you guys are big enough to tell me if you feel sick. The little boys can't do that so they probably shouldn't be around her or her brothers, because they could get them sick."

Ah, I should have known something was up when Joseph slept most of the trip and didn't touch his strawberry lemonade.

He woke up this morning and was sick several times. Adam and I were up early and he made a quick run to the store for ginger-ale. I cleaned up, made coffee, made him a bed on the couch, and freaked out.

"OMG, WHAT IF THE BOYS GET SICK? WHAT IF THEY GIVE IT TO THEIR PARENTS AND THE BABY GETS SICK??? WHAT IF I AM SICK AND I WAS AROUND THE BABY???? My parents and sister and brother-in-law will hate me FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE and we will NEVER EVER EVER be able to visit again and I will NEVER EVER EVER be able to see the boys or Miss Who again! NO ONE WILL LOVE ME and I will have to live with the knowledge that my SELFISH REASONS for visiting allowed the baby to get sick!!!!"

Adam looked at me, handed me coffee and said, "Drama much?"

So, there you have it. Mother's Day weekend was pretty awesome until it all came back into the toilet. If you need me, I will be doing penance in the form of multiple loads of laundry and sick kid.

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