Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's the little things that make life annoying...

This week, it seems like tons of little things are adding up make life a big pain in the tush. It's kinda like having a small pebble in my sock that I just.can't.find.

Here's my litany of complaints:
  • The weather sucks. Hello, Mother Nature? I know you are all menopausal and crap but seriously. There are drugs for that. Get over it and bring on spring!
  • The AC in my car broke. I am sure this is a fine example of a first world problem but I HATE it. I grew up either not having or not using AC in a car and I am so over that. The car has been in the shop twice already, and I am not looking forward to taking it again. To top it off, I am leaving town this weekend. I am not making a drive without my AC!
  • George has had a week of whine. I am not sure why, but nothing can or will make this child happy.
  • I keep cleaning and the house keeps getting dirty!
  • I put a diaper on Cole... on backwards.
  • I ordered new contacts and they came in. Yay! I went to pick them up, thinking Cole would nap during the drive and all would be good. He did nap, and when I pulled him out of the car, I found he had a minor diaper leak of the gross kind. Oh, and the office was shut for lunch.
  • The garage door is broken. That is, the remote doesn't work. I have to get out of my car, open the door, back the car out and get out to shut the garage door. This takes time. I am not amused.
I know, I know, offer it up, right? I should and I will, just as soon as I have a snack....

Oh, wait, I need to go grocery shopping too!

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