Monday, May 6, 2013

I live in Narnia...

.. where it is always winter, never Christmas.

And there aren't even any cute little fawns or beavers or Turkish Delight or an awesome story that is really a Christian allegory or what have you to make my life more interesting.

We are on the 80th or so day of February around here. In the Midwest, February tends to be the most brutal month, weather wise, with snow storms, ice, hail and sleet. It seems that Mother Nature hasn't gotten the message (or she's going through menopause) that it is May.

May, people, MAY and yet it snowed a few days ago!

Don't get me wrong; we've had some lovely days and I have the tan in the shape of a shirt I wear to prove it! On Monday I took George to the local petting zoo. We opened the gates and stayed until we had to pick Cole up. Tuesday and Wednesday we were outside all morning taking walks, running and going to and from school. It was wonderful!

Then it turned cold and snowy and rainy. Blech.

I have no idea what's up with this. Last year, I swear we lived on the surface of the sun with multiple 100+ degree days in a row. Now we have the never ending winter! I hope it warms up soon; I just spent $45 on clothing for the little boys for spring/summer (if it ever gets here) and went through all the kids closets. With temps swinging back and forth, they need their heavy jackets AND their shorts out! I'm tired of trying to find a spot for two seasons wardrobes!

Oh, and to add insult to injury, my friends in Canada are having better weather than we are!

It's official- not a fan of Narnia.

(Unless a cute little beaver knocks at my door and makes us tea. Then we'll talk.)

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