Thursday, May 2, 2013

Run, Run Away!

It started out as a joke.

I've known that I need to loose weight. My drs have been dropping not-so-subtle hints about my lack of weight loss since Cole was born. I know I can't call it "baby weight" since the baby in question is THREE but I can call it "toddler weight" since every time I try and work out, the child

My kids are my biggest motivation and my biggest hindrance. Have you ever tried to do yoga or Pilate's and keep four children from killing each other, themselves or destroying the house/yard/playground/world? If we go for a walk or bike ride, someone is tired/hungry/whiny/won't walk. Swimming requires a pool and childcare. And the Wii? Yeah, like I can  use the Wii.

And no. Just no. I am not getting up early.

But then I met up with a cousin who recently ran a 10k for a charity. She looks fabulous. Another cousin has lost 20 pounds and several inches doing TKD. Then there's Miss Who. If Miss Who can kick prematurity in the butt, eat, grow and thrive 15 weeks early than I can stop my whining and exercise.

I tossed out the idea of doing Couch to 5K to a friend. Now, let me just say that I DO NOT run. In fact, talking about running gives me flash backs to having to run the mile in junior high. Even when I swam 20 hours a week, I dreaded cross training via running. (That could have had something to do with my lack of proper running shoes because we lived in Hawaii and no one had sneakers... I digress.) ANYWAY, I do not run... but running is the only viable option.

My friend got super excited and promised to help me. I then made a random comment about this on Facebook and everyone was excited and all, "Go Laura! You can do this!" Another cousin (yep, I have loads of cousins!) linked me to several races in my area- the Color Run and a Dirty Duo. I laughed a few days later when I said to my mom, "She made it too easy to do this! Instead of saying, "Look for a color run" she gave me the one IN TOWN." I told all of Facebook that I would not do mud UNLESS people donated mega bucks to the March of Dimes or our NICU's foundation.

All of a sudden... people started donating to my March of Dimes team. I joked once more about being thrown in the mud... and then got serious. I told everyone that if I raised 200 dollars for the MOD, I would do the Dirty Duo (the mud run).

I raised $220.

(I'm not sure if my friends love me and want to support the charity that lead research that saved George and is helping Miss Who... or if they want to see me all muddy and gross!)

Within 24 hours of me saying, "I think I am going to start running with a friend" Adam bought me new running shoes. Once money is spent, I knew I would not get out of it, so my friend and I made a running date.

The first day stunk. I could barely do it and my legs hurt like nothing else for two days.

I skipped a day and the next day was better but still hard. The third day was fairly easy and I really enjoyed getting out alone for 30 minutes. My friend went out with me on day four (the start of a new interval) and we had fun . . . and I wiped out on the concrete path.

For a moment, I thought I had sprained an ankle. It crossed my mind to stop and go home. Then I remember Miss Who and all the people who had donated to the March of Dimes for me to do the run. I stood up, dusted off my hands, walked a running interval (I did "walkwalkrun" for a bit instead of "runwalkrun") and kept going.

I won't say I like running. I will say I enjoy my alone time, or my time with a friend. I know I will enjoy the weight loss benefits if I can stick to my diet. Plus, Adam has made it too easy for me to run- he does the dishes and helps with homework when I am gone! Can't argue with that. Whenever the going gets rough, I offer it up for Miss Who and her family. I picture her strong and at home, running around and terrorizing her parents older siblings. She keep me going.

I don't want to train for marathons. I don't have any super goals, like running a 5k for time or anything. I plan on doing the Dirty Duo and maybe some fun runs if I feel like it. In fact, the only "real" goal I have now is to lose ten pounds before Miss Who gains ten!

Next week, I plan on adding in yoga or strength training on my "off" days. Any good websites or apps for that?

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