Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recipe: Yet Another Laundry Soap- Liquid Version

This is a picture of the powdered stuff
but I used the same jar for the liquid gel.
About two months ago, I began making my own laundry soap. The first batch of the powdered stuff worked GREAT. No problems and Adam and I were thrilled at how cheap and easy it was!

The second batch (a double) was fine until about half way through. I noticed that it was clumping in the dispenser and it was not dissolving. The clothes weren't getting clean at all. I wasn't amused since I liked this nice, cheap laundry soap and had no "normal" stuff on hand. I didn't want to go spend big bucks on the organic, all natural stuff when I had everything to make it at home! After talking with a few people, I finally ran it through the food processor again to make it super fine. It worked!

Take note: If you want to use the powdered version, really run it through the food processor until it is very, very fine.

Like I said, this worked but I noticed a white cloud billowing up every time I opened the jar. I would inhale this and start coughing, plus it left a nasty, powered taste in my mouth. Honestly, I don't care how natural this soap is, there is no way it is good to inhale into my lungs!

Then came the third batch.... and oh, the issues. I had to add the powder to the drum of the machine which is a big no-no for front loaders. Argh.

But I wouldn't give up. Oh no. The laundry soap WOULD NOT WIN!

I went back to the drawing board- Pinterest- and read about how to make this into a liquid soap. Using the same basic recipe that I had tweaked, I turned the powder into a liquid soap:

In a large stock pot, I put 8 cups of water on to boil. When it was gently boiling, I dumped in my powder mixture. (I had most of one batch left.) With a wooden spoon, I stirred it well until it was dissolved and then turned off the heat.

When it had cooled a bit, I poured it into an old glass jar I had. (Don't use basic plastic but you can probably use any container that is big enough for the liquid.) Allow it to cool and gel. It will look... like a clear jelly. The original recipe said to let it sit over night but I just let it sit all day.

Once it is completely cool, you can leave it in your cooling container or transfer it to the container you will use it from. I tipped the glass jar into the plastic container you see in the picture. I took another old wooden spoon and stirred it a bit and then brought out Fleur.

Who is Fleur, you ask? Why Fleur is my immersion blender! I heart Fleur. We make many wonderful things together, from soup to smoothies and now laundry soap!

I stuck Fleur right into the container and blended the soap. It whipped up nicely and turned the color of whipped coconut oil, a buttery off-white. It's a bit thicker than eggwhites but about that consistancy. It filled my laundry soap container and smelled... like soap.

I hesitated creating liquid laundry soap because it seemed hard (boiling water!!!!!) and the powder is so darn easy to make! But this worked well and (shhhh!) was kinda fun so I think this might be our soap from now on!

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