Monday, March 4, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: The End, the Beginning, the End

Yes, I know it is Monday. I spent Friday-Sunday in a fog. I'm not sure what was up but I napped for three hours Saturday and an hour Sunday. It could be that the boys are back to climbing in bed with us at night and we wake at 3 am, pushed out of our bed. Anyway, enjoy Friday's Takes on Monday!

1.This week was a weird week. We had two more snow days, throwing us all off. George was off his game at speech therapy after a week long break. Adam was working from  home again. I got all crafty on Pinterest and am working on two projects now- a baby blanket for my sister and an up-cycled Easter dress for Camille, made out of an old skirt of mine.
  1. This week also marked many ends and beginning. Yesterday was the END of Pope Benedict's papacy and the BEGINNING of his new life as a humble servant of Christ. It is the BEGINNING of more preparations for the conclave and a new pope. It feels odd that the Chair of St. Peter is vacant and not due to a death. I feel... discombobulated but, like I said before, change and I are not friends.
  2. Wednesday night, a forum friend gave birth to a little girl who had been giving a fatal diagnosis. Her sweet baby gifted everyone with 15 hours of life. Thursday marked the end of this girl's life on earth and the beginning of her eternal life. Please pray for her family as  they navigate the time ahead without the earthly presence of their sweet baby.
  3. Thursday was also the END of an era at our house and the BEGINNING of a new one. It marked the END of Cole's toddlerhood and the BEGINNING of his life as a preschooler! He started preschool in the same school as my other children and with George's teacher, just at a different time slot. We spent two days really talking up preschool and, before that, whenever we were up at the classroom I made sure to tell him that this would soon be his room with his friends, etc. It seemed to work! He was a bit shell shocked when they took him out of the car but the teacher reported that there were no tears and he did great!
  4. I was hoping preschool would wear him out but he seems to have more energy than before! Boo.
  5. We had more snow days this week. The kids haven't had a full day of school since the beginning of February! Spring break starts in two weeks, although this all this snow on the ground "spring" is a bit of a misnomer.
  6. Speaking of spring, I have all the kids outfits for spring pictures. Our holiday pics were, um, interesting. Like "Awkward Family Photos" interesting.

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