Wednesday, February 27, 2013

S.O.M- Save Our Mother

After over a year of abnormally dry weather, we finally made up for the lack of precipitation in two days. Thanks to "snowmeggedon" we have 13-14 inches of snow on the ground. As of this writing, no more has fallen but it is cold, so it's not going anyway.

In many ways, this is good. You know your winter has been too dry when you parish is praying for rain and snow- and it's the middle of suburbia where no one is a farmer! The growing season was poor last year and food prices shot up. But when we asked for snow, God, we didn't need it all  in 38 hours!

The weather people knew this was coming. They were predicting a snow storm at the beginning of the week and George's SLP and I even canceled Thursday's lesson on Tuesday. Parents were laying bets on whether or not school would be canceled and I debating going to the store for yarn to begin a craft project. (I didn't- but I should have.)

Wednesday night brought bitter cold and a first degree burn. It also brought a Bigfoot cake and an unexpected visit from George's godmother. We were making a Bigfoot cake to celebrate that-which-must-not-be-named and his godmother dropped in to say hello. We all ate the cake and sent a piece home with her. It was nice to see her and relish in what was possible my last human contact for a very long time.

When Adam got home, he immediately took the dog out for a walk. I finished up dinner and dumped the spaghetti into the colander to drain. A cascade of water went over the edge of the sink. I thought, "Damn this is going to hurt!" and "Better now than during the blizzard!" as I jumped back. It missed most of me, but some landed on my belly. It left a first degree  burn and me biting my lip to avoid using my "golf words" in front of the children. I called Adam to tell him to come home ASAP but he didn't answer his phone. I was at a loss as to what to do! I knew we covered what to do with burns when I was in lifeguard training but all I could think was, "Don't put butter on it!" Useful, no?

One.hour.later Adam come home. He was cold. I considered slapping his hand over my burn but decided against it. I very grouchily ate my dinner and helped put the kids to bed.

Nothing happened overnight but the snow was coming down, down, down in the morning. Adam made me coffee, shoveled the driveway and prepared to work from home. The kids went out in the backyard for a bit before coming inside to destroy the house... play Wii. I informed them that today was not going to be a wasted educational opportunity. We were going to have a lesson in the classics, the Great Depression and pop culture.

We watched The Wizard of Oz. Well, Cami and I did, thus cementing her as O Favored One for the moment.

The rest of the day was a blur of Adam complaining that the kids were too loud and me marveling at just how much bread, butter and cheese it takes to make grilled cheese for six people. (One loaf of bread, a stick of butter and a dozen slices of off=brand Kraft cheese.) As soon as lunch was over they began asking for dinner and I began wondering how long our food would last before we had to eat the dog.

That night, Adam told me he was going to work tomorrow. He said the company cannot afford to have all ten billion employees take off again and how impossible it is to work from home. He dismissed me when I told him that the neighboring town is no longer plowing residential neighborhoods and focusing ont he main streets so emergency personnel can get through if needed. He said that once he got the main road, he would be fine. I asked if he wanted to take the van. He laughed and said no.

The next morning, he got up to go to work and I grumped because our children do not know how to sleep in. He left at 7 am and the kids and I made breakfast, ate, cleaned up and I went upstairs to shower. Around 8 am I heard someone come inside and I had a moment of panic, wondering who the kids had let in! It was Adam and he had gotten all of 20 feet out of the driveway before our neighbor had to help dig him out. Yes, the entire hour was spent in our driveway and street, digging. I laughed at him and did the "Mommy is always right" dance, which the children said scarred them for life and made me promise to never do it again.

So here we are. Adam is on day two of working from home. I have made breadcrumbs, a double batch of chocolate sauce and finally admitted defeat on the homemade laundry soap powder and made the liquid form. I have scrapbooking supplies to put away and need to sew napkins. The children have been constantly up in my personal space and I am pretty sure no one has brushed their teeth since Wednesday night. The Herd has enough energy to light a large town but I can't send them all outside since a) they come in whining and b) I'm pretty sure we'd loose the toddler in the snow drifts. I've taken to hiding in the little boys room, the only unoccupied room in the house since they think everywhere else is fair game. I'm contemplating going to the basement just for the solitude.

I think I need reinforcements. If you can make it through the snow, bring wine.

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