Monday, October 29, 2012

Overheard: Well, how many do YOU have?

Adam: There's a sale on Nerf guns at this store.
Me: Oh, cool. Camille wants Caroline for Christmas.
A: Huh?
Me: The new American Girl doll.
A: She doesn't NEED another doll. She doesn't play with them.
Me: Yeah she does. Where have you been? Besides, you are talking to the wrong person. How many do I have? I got one every Christmas for years.
A: She has FIVE.
Me: And how many Nerf guns does Joseph have?
A: About that Bucky Pirate Ship for George...

I think Camille is getting Caroline for Christmas. Sweetie, when you are much older and read this, you can thank me!

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  1. The pirate stuff is really cute. Same conversation involves Legos here. I love getting gifts lined up this time of year.