Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Most of the time, I love my life in the Midwest.

We have a wonderful school district that works hard to meet the needs of all my children. We are close to therapists and we have a wonderful pro-life, NFP only doctor who takes great care of all of us. We have good friends and 2 of the four sets of godparents are in town.

Most of the time, I know that it is good that we live here, have our own lives and are making it on our own.

I miss my cousins and extended family but I am happy here.

Most of the time.

It is times like now, with Hurricane Sandy raining on my family, that I wish I was closer. I wish it was easy to pop in and see how they were doing. I wish I didn't have to rely on e-mail and Facebook to know what is going on. Yes, I know we would be in the hurricane too... but I still wish I was closer.

It's times like now I wish I could up root everything I love about our life here and plunk it down closer to my extended family.

To all you in the middle of Sandy, stay safe!

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