Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Teet-teet!

Since school began, George has been trying to say new words, unprompted. While we are still working blending, adding ending sounds and so on, he is working hard on his own to speak. Context is still important (the word for "Candy" and his teacher's name sound alike) but he's coming along well.

Last year, we tried to teach him to say "trick or treat" and he would have none of that! This year, he went around the house saying, "Howl'ween! Howl'ween! I cow. Howl'ween ah' my house." When I asked him what you do on Halloween he said, "Knock! Knock! Teet-teet! I eat key-key!"

(Translation: You knock on the door. Say, TRICK OR TREAT! Then I eat candy!)

It's hard to write exactly how he speaks. Tone and inflection are so important! Plus, I don't know the correct way to write how he says words like "Eat." The "ea" part sounds correct but he doesn't put a "T" on the end... but he does. It's almost like a "th" sound but he is not saying "Eath" with a lisp. It's a very soft "T" if that makes sense.

Anyway, I am so happy that he will say "Trick or treat" tonight!

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