Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What really happened

Several people e-mailed me after my post on Monday to express concern and prayers. Thank you for thinking of us and keeping us in your prayers. The following is what I put on my Catholic parenting forum. It is what prompted the anxious post:

Thank you to everyone for the prayers over the last few days. We/I really needed them!

On Friday, DCFS came to the door with alligations against us and our children. Several of them were directed towards our child with special needs. I was very upset that this happened and the more I thought about it, the more it scared me. Based on the details that were given, this person had to be physically close to my children and talk to them. We are careful who we leave our children with and they all know about G's needs and how we help him. To think that this person thought our children needed DCFS called on them made me physically ill.

The social worker had to go to the school to talk to my older children. The kids were very unphased by this. Afterwards, I called the principal to give her a heads up. She told me of the school's protocal when DCFS comes and assured me that the call did NOT come from the school. I believe her.

I reached out for prayers and support and I am glad that I did. Prayers carried me through the weekend and kept me from having an anxiety attack. As it was, I have not been sleeping or eating well.

I spent four days getting our ducks in a row. I called our current therapists and doctors for formal letters stating that our children are getting the help they need. I made sure the file of G's paperwork was in order. Because my children and I see a chiropracter on a regular basis, she was able to write a letter detailing the treatments my boys undergo and state that our family is healthy in every sense of the word. I have similar letters from our SLPs, one of whom has worked for our family for two years. These are now on file again just in case.

The social worker came back today because they need to check on children under six two times before the case is closed. The boys greeted her with a "hi!" She told me she had no concerns and thanked me for cooperating with her. I gave her a timeline I typed up of when my kids began what therapy and with whom and told her to keep it on file. The "case" will be formerly closed on Friday.

I know when the call was made and that it was annoymous. We may never know who made it but it makes me sick to think that someone is watching my children and making horribly wrong assumptions. People can and should make calls to DCFS if they suspect abuse; however, these calls should not be made lightly. The allegations made against my children and, thus, us were NOT reasons to call DCFS and could have been addressed by simply talking to us. The physical, mental and emotional pain we have been through in the past few days has been nearly unbearable.

Thankfully, this is all behind us and we can go on with life as normal. And, hopefully, I will get some sleep tonight!

I may give more details in the following weeks or months. I do not know. I am feeling so much better now that this is over with!


  1. I am so sorry that your family had to go through this.

  2. I'm so sorry too. Whomever called clearly did not know your family as well as they though. I'm glad the case is closed and you can a good nights sleep.