Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Attack of the giant moths!

Okay, so maybe they aren't giant but we have moths! Ew!

I've been sorting clothes to sell, donate or toss for about a week now. It is slow going but we are going. I needed to see what the little boys needed for winter and once I got into the bins of clothes, I decided I might as well go through everything and pull out what I don't like, they won't wear and so on.

I pulled down Joseph's old clothes and reached in to pull out a shirt. I realized that a plastic decoration on the shirt was gone and thought that it had melted in the wash and I didn't know. When I pulled out another shirt, I realized they were moth-eaten! I quickly put the whole bag outside, pulled out what I knew wasn't worth saving (thankfully, only a few pieces) and tossed everything else in the wash!

I am so glad I realized that we had moths before I packed away the sweaters my mother made the kids! Someone told me to get the lavender dryer sachets from Trader Joe's and to pack those with the clothes to keep the moths out. Since four of them are 3-4 dollars total, it went and bought some. It's worth it to keep the moths out of our clothes!

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