Saturday, September 29, 2012

Overheard: for the love of hair

Per my request, Adam took the boys to get haircuts this past weekend. We've finally reached the point where Joseph needs more of a "barber" than a "stylist" and I just send the little dudes with them. They sit so much better for Daddy anyway.

It's well known (or I THOUGH IT WAS!) that I have a mad love affair with Cole's hair. It's blond from the sun and water this summer, soft and curly. It's everything a little girl would love in hair, but on a boy. It doesn't hurt that it's exactly like Adam's. After two bald babies (Cami and George... especially Cami!) I have enjoyed his curls.

Besides, when he's being onery, I tell him, "Cole Robert, if it weren't for your big blue eyes and curly blond hair, I would sell you to the zoo!"
My Facebook Page Banner. Note the lovely curls on the right.

So, anyway, I told Adam to get the boys' hair cut. A few hours later, I call him and he says, "Cole's hair and super short now and he looks just like George!"

I think they heard me across Sam's, where Adam was finishing up the weekly shopping. "YOU CUT OFF MY BABY'S CURLS?!!!"

Adam had the gall to laugh at me. "Why, is it a problem? He looks like a big boy now!"

When they came home, I cuddled a sleeping Cole and cried. My older children, who are now longer the favorites and will probably be sold to the zoo, said UNhelpful things like, "He looks like a big boy!" and "You only loved him for his curls!"

Of course, I sobbed at them, "May you have children with beautiful hair and may you know the pain when your husband shaves it all off!"

Camille seemed really annoyed with me. She even said, "You love him the most because he had the most hair!"

"Honey, if the amount of love was based on the amount of hair you had, you would be the least loved child on the planet! You were bald until you were nearly three!" She actually stamped her foot at me and huffed because she's tired (she says) of hearing how bald she was.

Sorry, sweetie, you were an adorable baby but you were REALLY BALD.

Camille at one. Note the lack of hair. She had this much until
was 2.5 years old and grew a Florence Henderson mullet.

I have to say Cole's hair cut is neat and tidy and they did a great job. He really does look like George. I can tell that his hair still has natural curl to it and it looks, in style, color and texture, just like Adam's. But with no curls... well, nothing is saving you from being sold to the zoo now kiddo!

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