Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cooling off

I think I post something like this every year- it's fall, ya'll or something similar. Truth is, I love the lazy days of summer. I love having my kids underfoot, spending all day at the pool, VBS and grilling. I do NOT love the heat, which means that, overall, the Summer of 2012 kinda bit. Alot.

We had several months of no rain and if it did rain, it was a Little drizzle that lasted a few moments and didn't sink into the parched earth. The kids and I had cabin fever because it was too hot to go anywhere but the pool. With a 3 year old who is nervous around water and a 2 year old with no sense of self preservation the pool was far from relaxing. (For me, that is. My older two became little fish and it was awesome to see them become great swimmer!)

It's finally under 100 degrees here. The nights and morning are fairly cool. Right now, I have the fans off, something that was impossible a month ago. George has been pointing out all the pumpkins at the grocery store and I dragged out our fall/Halloween decorations. I even bought a can of pumpkin and cinnamon chips to make pumpkin muffins.

That is, I'll get baking as soon as I get over this stupid cold/allergy attack thing I have. I have no idea what it is but I have been sniffling, snorting and sneezing for two weeks now. My husband says it is allergies. I say the stupid allergy medicine isn't working. My doctor says I have a virus. I say I am tired of sounding like a foghorn and with all the vitamins I take, I shouldn't ever get sick! Bah. Whatever it is, I finally broke down and made myself some comfort food: hot tea with honey and white rice with butter.

(When Adam saw what I was making, he said, "You don't feel good, do you?" Gee, thanks for listening when I have been telling you this for two weeks, honey!)

Thankfully, the kids seem to be mostly immune to whatever I have. Joseph and Camille are enjoying playing outside until bath time and helping Adam get the garden ready for winter. Cole, George and I are spending out time at the petting zoo and various playgrounds. I'm slllloooowwwllly deep cleaning the house for winter, which includes cleaning out the kids bedrooms. The basement and various books shelves have vomited all over my dining room table as I sort items for donation/selling/tossing.

Speaking of which, my younger two are plugged into the TV so I should go unearth the floor in Joseph's room....

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