Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Sean Update and Fundraiser!

A few weeks ago, we announced a final fundraiser for a micro-preemie named Sean. Sean's parents are related to Hybrid Rasta Mama and the blogging community wanted to do something to help them through this challenging time.

First, a BIG thank you to everyone who ordered through the fundraiser! We sold over 300 dollars worth of Thirty-one items! Woohoo! Sean's parents were able to pick out a backpack, thermal tote and large shoulder bag for their personal use. I am sure these items will come in handy when going to and from the NICU- and beyond! Thirty-One products are built to last!

Sean is doing wonderfully and enjoying lots and lots of snuggles with his parents and siblings. He is growing bigger everyday. We can't wait to report that he has busted out of the NICU and has headed home!

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