Monday, May 30, 2011

Six month family service meeting

On Tuesday, Georgie had his six month family service evaluation with our speech therapist and family service coordinator (FSC). I knew it was coming but it was a bit of a surprise when the SLP and FSC walked in together. No worries- we were home anyway and it took place during our normal speech time.

Overall, the tone was very positive. He has made great strides. He's still not a fan of our FSC but he's not rude; he just ignores her. He doesn't say hi or run up to her like he does out SLP; he just goes about his business like she isn't there. He has a healthy dose of stranger anxiety, unlike his sister who could use a dose of "stranger danger."

Georgie now makes eye contact and says some words when prompted/excited. He is jargoning and instead of it being one sound (duh) it is now two or three sounds (something like "uh duhduh/ uh dada"). He's now pointing to body parts when prompted. His receptive language is spot-on for his age. Since we have identifiied and began addressing the SID, I've seen an overall improvment in his behavior and language.

But we still have very hard days. Friday was one of them. He is still delayed in speech, social and sensory. I asked about preschool and told them to talk slow, because I only have experience with our private, parish preschool. The FSC said that, legally, the school system does not have to do anything with Georgie until the day he turns three. However, they begin the process of phasing him out about three months before he turns three, which is at the beginning of the school year. Sometime in Oct our SLP will go on maternity leave. Knowing Georgie, I think it will be best to phase him directly from Infant and Toddler Service into the school system. It looks like that unless lightening strikes, he will begin preschool shortly before he turns three.

Mentally, I am trying to adjust to this. I thought I was going to have a year with just my little dudes before I had to deal with preschool again. He's leaving my nest a little earlier than I would like. I know he's two and a half! but because he is still in diapers and doesn't talk much, he feels like he is so much younger. I didn't cry when Joseph went to preschool or kindergarten. When Camille went, I was so happy for her because she was so ready and excited. But I think I may boo-hoo a little over Georgie. Although I could have happily kept the older two at home for preschool and still met their academic and social needs, Georgie is going to school early because there is something I can't give him. I know I didn't fail him but I feel like I did.

As for Georgie, I think he will need some time to adjust but I think he will do well. He will be at the same school as Joseph and Camille. He loves going up to the school and seeing the big kids so I think he will have a blast putting on his little backpack and walking to school every morning. We know one of the preschool teachers well, as her husband attends our parish and Adam is on the board with her. I've been picking her brain already- yes, I am that mom. :) I think the peer model program will be good for him; buddies who model language will be awesome. Plus, I think it will be good for Cole. They are so close in age, I can see Cole not wanting to speak better than his older brother or picking up "bad language habits" from Georgie.

Oh, and the total perk of this? Because he will be one of the special needs kids, he does not need to be potty trained AND they can work potty training into his IEP goals! Sweet!

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