Monday, May 30, 2011

Friday was a bad day

Friday was straight out of "Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day". Adam had been gone for a few days and Georgie was all out of sorts. He got home late Thursday night and was excited to see Daddy Friday morning.

"Excited"= "I'm going to cry and throw a fit because YOU LEFT ME!"

Georgie was NOT HAPPY Friday morning. Adam was home all day and Georgie did not want Daddy to walk Joseph to school, sit at the table, go with Mommy to playgroup, etc. All he did was cry and scream and say one of his few words- dada. I finally dragged him off to playgroup so Adam could run errands and have alone time.

While driving there, I was pretty upset. The mom who was hosting has children with special needs so I knew if I walked in and started blubbering, she would get it. She'd like I was nuts, but she would get it. I stopped to get coffee and a smoothie for the kids. The people were very nice and placed the smoothie in two different cups for no extra charge.

When I walked to my friend's house, I was greeted by a group of kids who brought the older two in. One of the boys began chatting and playing with Cole. I sat down and took a deep breath. We didn't need to leave early for preschool that day, so I stayed as long as I wanted and chatted with some of the other moms. Camille found some girls to play with and enjoyed their company.

Friday was more  meltdowns, although he did get a nap in. He's now refusing to sit at his chair to eat and will only eat, maybe, if he sits in our laps. It's hard to feed myself, Cole and balance Georgie while he eats.

Adam worked outside alot this weekend and we talked some while I was running after the kids. We both agree Georgie needs to keep working on speech but that he also just simply needs a way to communicate- ASL, iPad, picture system... Adam added in "grunting and pointing" and I said, "How is that different from every other male?"

Seriously, sometimes I think about the future and I worry about him. How can a kid who has trouble talking give a speech? If he never learns to talk, how will he interact with strangers who do not know ASL or whatever system he uses? He doesn't sign now, how can we get him to sign? What will happen if people pick on him?

Then I take a deep breath, remind myself to pick up the kid clutter and not to think beyond the fall...

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