Saturday, December 11, 2010

Illness and infection

The week started off with a bang... or a run, depending on how gross you want to be. Georgie's stomach was upset and I changed dirty diapers nearly every hour for two days straight. His teeth were hurting him and he was a whinning, crabby mess. I think I spent most of the week smelling like poop or milk. Of course, all he wanted was Daddy and Daddy had to work... the HORROR! We spent alot of time watching  Thomas and "The Polar Express." So much, in fact, that when Adam went to put him to bed one night, he refused, pointing out the window and saying "Woo-woo." Adam asked if he was looking for the Polar Express and he nodded!

Tuesday, Joseph, showed me a blister on his finger. It was large, had a red edge and was very swollen. We were headed out the door to the chiro so I asked him to show her, figering it was nothing. Dr. J looked surprised and told him that he had an infection in his finger and explained how our bodies fight off infection. She said if it got bigger (past the first joint in his finger) red, or streaked to go to the FP.

Wends it was still pretty swollen so Adam and I drained it at home and had him soak it in a bowl of salt water. It looked better.

Thursday he was complaining again and it just seemed to be getting bigger before my eyes. I took him to emergant care after TKD. When the dr saw him, he said, "Oh! That's not was I was expecting!" Not a good sign! He poked a couple holes in it, saying that it was probably the pressure that was causing all the pain. Pus and water drained out of it and he said that Joseph was on his way to a big infection. He advised antibiotics (his first in about four years, wow!) and warm salt water soaks. Me being me, I add a drop of tea tree oil to them.

How did he do this? He maintains he was digging around in the sandbox when he got a splinter in his finger. He didn't wash his hands after. Whether he told us or not... the kids are always asking for band-aids so I'm not sure. I don't honestly know. BUT he feels much better and the redness is gone!

Georgie is better too, aside from teething and being, well, two. He had a massive, screaming fit at Breakfast with Santa this morning. It was awesome. Not.

Wind and chills here now. Adam is walking the dog (he's insane) and then we're making some hot tea and watching a movie. I'm pretty tired now and having a busy day (subbing at "Jesus Preschool" and teaching CCD). The countdown to Christmas is ON and the next few weeks will be jam packed!

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