Friday, December 3, 2010

Quick Takes Friday: Holiday Edition

  1. One of these days, I am going to get one of those plastic, light up Nativities for the yard. I know, I know. Tacky. And corny. And they probably seep the real meaning of Christmas into made-from-China plastic. However, I have a good reason for wanting one, which I will blog about on a later date.
  2. Our tree is up but I feel like our house looks less than festive. It has been warm here and hard to get in the holiday mood for some reason. My mantal looks esp. poor. Most of our little nick-nacks that were quite fine on the mantel at our old house look small and cluttered on the new, bigger mantel.
  3. This could also have something to do with the fact that our stocking hangers spell "Pace" instead of "PEACE." I should find that missing E!
  4. I think we will make Christmas cookies this weekend.
  5. I also need to find Joseph a shirt to go with his snowman jammie pants. I would like it to NOT say anything about wanting money for Christmas or have skulls with snowman hats, thanks.
  6. I went to an ornament swap today and got some pretty new ornments. I also saw alot of people I rarely see, which was fun. Georgie decided to show everyone he is indeed two and had a temper tantrum, which worried some kids. It's hard, because when Georgie throws himself on the floor, I can't pick up all 31 pounds of himself while holding Cole. And sometimes it really is better to ignore him and just let him throw his fit. Can't win.
  7. Happy Hannakah, folks!

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