Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trip Highlights

*No one REALLY believed me that Cole hates road trips. Half way through our 11 hour car ride to Madison, my husband became a believer. We are dreading the road trip home.

*Upon arrival in Madison, WI, Cole smiled at me, coo'd and filled  his diaper... and onesie. As I was giving him a bath, I said, "ColeBear, is that what you think of liberal Madison? Are you a conservative Republican?" He smiled and coo'd back at me confirming that, yes, the Republican Dynasty is underway. Bring on the compound!

*Within 40 minutes of arriving, we heard the tornado sirens go off. The older kids and I just starrrrred at each other, not quite sure what we were hearing.Tornados? in WISCONSIN! I turned on the news and they are tornado and flash flood warning and watches in... well, I'm not sure where. We knew we are/were in Madison but not the name of the county or surrounding areas. Unless they said, "The tornado is headed right to YOUR HOTEL NOW" I wouldn't have know whether to head skipping down the Yellow Brick Road or duck and cover. It turns out that "duck and cover" would have been the best option. The storm ended up being right overheard. When we were at Uncle B's house, we saw lighting and heard thunder at the same time. We all jumped;I was surprised no one started crying. My SIL and her boyfriend waited out the worst of the storm before heading out and we all got soaked going to the car.

*Grandpa asked Boyfriend what he thought of the family. Boyfriend covered nicely. I snickered. This is why I am Boyfriend's Number One Family Fan. (Well, that, and he's the only one who can boss my MIL around in the kitchen and live to tell the tale.)

*To this moment, I am not sure how my BIL and his girlfriend got to the wedding. I know it involved a canceled flight, a flooded city, a cousin getting a rental care and driving. Lots of driving. They got there just a few hours later than they wanted and his girlfriend is a gem. A real gem. If it comes between BIL and his girlfriend, I'm keeping the girlfriend. She's a sweetie.

*Eggs are the debil. They make Cole cry. And destroy my brunch options.

*We are the old married couple amoung the cousins. And we're cool with that. As much fun as it was to be at the wedding and think about the day we got married, the stage of life we are at right now is more fun. Perfect. And I don't want to go back to the beginning but, rather, keep moving forward.

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  1. I was driving from Monroe to Rockford, IL to pick Eric up and the tornado warnings were all over the radio. Fortunately they were just north of us.

    Did you ever get your spotted cow? I hope you at least bought some at the store to take home! I hope we can hook up next year. It was sooo close this year.