Monday, July 26, 2010

More Trip Highlights, the Final Day

*I am trying to eat more vegitarian options to cut down on my animal fat. However, I don't think the butternut squash ravoli soaked in a butter sauce with walnuts counts as "healthy."

*I wish people would learn the art of complementing someone without it coming out backhanded.

*When someone orders a salad, that does not mean they are constipated! SERIOUSLY.

*We wandered the Madison Arbortuem. They had a "natural, preserved" prairie. Although we are proud we all walked two miles without being utterly exhausted, and we enjoyed the pretty flowers... it.was.a.prairie. Like we don't get enough of those in KANSAS.
I think next year we are going to plan our trip better. Renting bikes for the day is cheap and if they rent trailers for the bikes, it could be fun to ride along the waterfront. The two big kids will be old enough for that next year.

*I still don't have my Spotted Cow Beer.

*I lost a contact in the car. I wasn't driving,thankfully. One day, I will learn to not take out my contacts in the car.

*The kids are exhausted and tried of traveling. The 11 hour drive home tomorrow makes me want to cry. I wish we could take it slow and stop overnight. Adam wants toget up super early and leave, just like we did from KC but I think it might  be better to leave int he morning, before b'fast. We are all just so tired and we need our sleep. Adam doesn't have off Wends, so it will be me, the kids, the dog, house cleaning and laundry. I'm exhuasted thinking about it.

I need a vacation from this...

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