Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where to begin?

Let's start with a Shameless Husband Brag:

Since September of last year, Adam has been swimming with a Master's program at our local Jewish Community Center. He's not athletic by any stretch of the imagination and I got him into swimming for exercise. He started doing it in college as, I think, a way to impress me. Normally he would swim a few thousand meters on his own and call it good.

At the JCC, the pool is closed over lunch 3 times a week for the Master's program. The coach suckered Adam into swimming with them and he's totally hooked. He went from wearing basic swim trunks to a Speedo. He went from the slowest lane to leading his lane in 300's. He can see ab muscle (I've told him this for a long time but he didn't believe me) and I am so envious of his arm muscle!

We're going to a wedding soon and he needed to have his suits taken in. The suits are nice, classic suits from his grandfather. He took them to Men's Wearhouse and they told him they couldn't take them in anymore! He had to buy 2 new suits because he's lost so much weight! He looks hot, has alot of confidence and energy and a fab-u-lous tan!

We went to a happy hour with the other swimmers last night and the coach was going on and on about how much he likes Adam and how much he's improved. It made me so proud to hear that. At the beginning of our relationship, I was the one into health and fitness and we've both improved our health so much since then (for us and our kids) that I can't help but smile. I want to be able to nag him for much longer! ;0

Of course, me being me, I need to pick it up a bit at practice and get faster. I can't let him beat me :) and we refuse to have the "sexy husband, fat house frau" picture so I need to move it. (I got my wedding ring back on last night so I might not have anything to worry about but ya know...)

Shamless Kid Brag:
School starts a month from today. We need to get Joseph's school supplies as soon as we get back from our trip. Not sure where summer has gone...

I took the kids to the JCC to swim at their little splash cove area. It is  like the one near our children's musem, only smaller. I can see accross the pool and keep an eye on all three kids at the same time. Oh, yeah, and since we are members, it is FREE!

Joseph mastered walking across the "lilly pads" after only two or three tries. I swear the balance from TKD has helped alot! The water was shallow but he still had to swim to get to the edge. Camille was practicing swimming around and did well.. I think she can swim 10 to 15 yards alone. If someone would help her learn to pull her arms out and breathe, she might be able to do that too!

Cole is reaching for things, grabbing at them and putting them in his mouth. He laughed for the first time the other day- for Joseph! Georgie is totally a daddy's boy and has been eating us out of house and home. He looooves our baby sitters and cries when they leave! He loves hugging on Cole, sometimes too much, but is still a silly guy.

Summer is, overall, going blissfully well.

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