Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Enjoying the Summer/Cole's WCC

Cole had his (almost) 2 month WCC. He is 9 poumds, 12 ounces and about 22 inches long. Everything but his height is in the 10th percentile. His head was always in the tenth percentile, even when he wasn't gaining weight. This is good, as it means fat and nutriants were going to his head, literally, at the expense of his body. Although I would prefer that nothing would not grow, if something has to grow, it needs to be his brain.

I realized yesterday that this is the first summer I get to enjoy. In 2009, we had just moved, didn't know anyone and I was busy unpacking and getting everyone settled. In 2008, I was pregnant with Georgie, hot and sick- literally! Even with four kids, I can get out of the house and do things. We're going to KU to a musem tomorrow and having friends over. We've already been to the pool twice. We might go again today, although I need to run out and get t-shirts for VBS.

This week, we have TKD, baseball and a musem trip. Next week is VBS. I'm hoping to either go to the zoo, Deanna Rose or the fountains at Crown Center. I hope we can fangle friends to go with us- anybody game?

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