Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Everything but nursing

It seems like my life has been focused on breastfeeding Cole. And it has. But so much more has been going on:

1. Camille had her dance recital. Her costume was purple, sparkly and itchy. :) She did FABULOUS on stage. She even lost her crown but popped it back on and kept dancing. She was one of the few who was doing what they were supposed to when, but everyone was doing something different! It was terribly cute. Adam and Joseph got her flowers, which thrilled her to death.

2. She also had the last day of preschool. She got to hold the flag and recieved her notebook from her teacher. It's amazing how much she has grown physically, emotionally and academically since Sept.

3. Joseph had his first baseball game. Again, the cuteness!!! He was catcher and did a wonderful job. I love kid sports; his whole team was hysterical. They all tried their best. Oh, and to brag- my kid completed the first run of the game. Just sayin'. :)

4. Kindegarten graduation was something else. The teacher started crying because she is leaving for another school in the fall. The kids read their faveorite memory of school and recieved a diploma. Joseph has also matured alot, mostly in behavior. TKD has been good for him.

And onto summer....

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