Sunday, June 6, 2010


We've had a busy couple of weeks. Thanks to some gift cards, I now have some new tops to wear. I am a solid size 12 and have a solid 30 pounds to lose before I hit my comfort zone. I'd like to lose three more after that.

Anyway, I now have some clothes, which is awesome. After dropping the kids off at their grandparents last week, Adam and the babies and I went shopping and I got some tops. I also got a new laptop to replace my old computer. I love it! It's so fast and the screen is really bright. I enjoyed spending time with just Adam and the babies but missed my big kids alot.

Yesterday we went to Wilson's Fan store to look. We "look" as money flew out of our pockets and we now have a fanf or the kitchen and the bedroom. Our master bedroom fan works hard with little results so we need a new one.

Totally spoiled and totally broke...

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