Monday, April 19, 2010

Weight gain update

Literally after I hit "post" Friday night, my dr called. He apologized for not being "on the ball" when he saw us that day. He said Cole had dropped 12 per cent and normally he would have admitted him for IV fluids at that point.

(Please be impressed I did not FREAK TOTALLY OUT at that point.)

Because I was getting ready to feed him, he said to call him back after I fed him and we would go from there.

Well, I was pretty convinced they would admit him no matter what, but I got out the tube and fed him from one side, snaking the tube into his mouth so he was supplmented at the breast. Then I tube fed him the rest and he was quiet and alert for the rest of the night.

So all that screaming at night? HE WAS HUNGRY. Am I not the world's crappiest mother?! My fourth kid and I couldn't figure out that he was starving!

Because the feeding went so well, they did NOT admit him and he gained 4 ounces in 36 hours.

My mother was able to come up only a day late and I've been tube feeding at the breast, finger feeding and bottle feeding since then. I'm pumping after nearly every feeding, since formula makes him vomit. I have herbs and a tea that I am using to increase my supply. I think the single biggest help has been him nursing at the breast with the tube. He sucks and I get some stimulation but he gets milk right away. He likes to latch on, or latch on lazily, and not suck. When we shoot the milk right in his mouth, he suck and gets a let down. I'm pumping 1-2 ounces per side, so I am finally ahead of him in the supplmentation department.

It turns out Georgie has a DOUBLE ear infection and strep! He's doing much better nnow and is a little jealous that the baby gets so much attention when I feed him. (It's a two person job.) Adam is back at work now and he is having daddy withdrawl.

The perk to all this? With nursing and pumping, I'm down at a size ten at 11 days post partum! Now, to stop eating junk....

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