Thursday, April 15, 2010

Must we do this again?

Go down the no weight gain path.

Adam says I am handling it well but I am pretty upset. Cole is down to 6 pounds, 2 ounces, nearly a full pound off this birthweight. I am trying to remember what is normal newborn sleepy and what isn't. He DOES NOT nurse off the left side at all. Heo nly wants the right and seems to nurse well from the right side. He does have wet and dirty diapers but not as wet as I would like. I put him in a cloth diaper at about 10 am today and he stayed in it until three. Normally, I would expect that thing to be soaking but it was barely damp. He did poo, though, and it looked normal but I think I am seeing some blood in his diaper again, which could mean he is dhydrated.

I haven't been sitting down to proper meals, snacking as I go. I think I am eating enough and I know I am eating pretty healthy. (I just had an entire small apple, three pieces of cheese and about a cup or two od strawberries for s snack.) I'm trying to inscrease my intake of water. We had a before and after weight check, which showed he took in about an ounce and change in one session. I'm giving him an ounce of milk after each nursing session and am going to try to tube feed him on the "bad" side. He's hard to wake but whether it is normal newborn stuff or not, I don't know.

I'm tired. I'm fustrated. I'm angry that my entire extended family is ill, putting off my mother's trip here. I am afraid Adam is going to go back to work Monday and I am going to be left with a sick toddler, two older kids with needs and demands and a newborn who takes over 30 minutes to feed, plus household chores. not cool.

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