Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cole feeding update (x posted)


Cole is up to 6 pounds, 9 ounces as of yesterday. Yesterday, we were still finger feeding him if he did not latch on. If he did, we would snake the tube into his mouth and supplement him at the breast. He would get a taste of the milk, suck and then suck enough to get a let-down from me. I HIGHLY recommend this, as it boosted my pumping output within 24 hours. I have been drinking MMT and taken freenugeek (sp?) but not a full dose of the latter. I really think it was the supplementing at the breast that helped the most. As a bonus, he wouldn't take as much of the EBM (because he was getting more from me) so even though I didn't have as much pumped for him as I would like, it didn't matter as much.

I have a bunch of nipple shields leftover from Georgie. This past weekend, I tried them several times and it did nothing. Adam and Mom suggested them again but I couldn't find them and, anyway, they had been a no go.Yesterday was especially fustrating since he would NOT latch on. He would just let the nipple ooze from his mouth. I had to finger feed him, which is annoying, fustrating, time consuming and messy.

Today I took him to the chiro who adjusted him while he nursed and then I went and bought another nipple shield. I tried him again on it and he latched on perfectly and took BOTH sides with no problem! I was feeling super full since I hadn't pumped at all today and got four ounces per SIDE in 15 minutes.

Georgie has been able to get a splash of BM in his nighttime bottle, which is nice since he has been sick. I am hoping and praying feedings keep going well so I can wean off pumping but, honestly, I think I might keep going while my mom is here and I have the time, since then both little boys can have EBM.

I am so, so glad I have help this week. We have had to do weight checks and pumping just like with Georgie. That was stressful because I didn't have help; I can't imagine what it would be like with a needy toddler AND all this together

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