Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ultimate Weight Loss Plan

In a random twist of irony, I have lost more weight in 12 days than I ever have before. You would think that with four kids under my belt (literally!) and the last two pregnancies close together, I'd have the pounds packed on.

Apparently not.

I was an 8 when I began the preg and still had several pounds to lose, including some stubborn belly fat. I gained my typical 40 pounds and fully expected to be a size 14 or more at a few weeks PP.

I tried on some capris yesterday and I am a size 12!

I'm a bit shocked. I still have a belly that looks and feels like bread dough but it is rapidly going away (and would probably go away faster if not for the cookie, 2 truffles and chocolate cake I had today....). I can see my feet. I am wearing maternity pants, yes, but a size small. My shirt is a nursing shirt but it is also a small. My face is thinner.

I'm not sure what I am doing or have done differently. Swimming 2 mornings a week helped, I am sure. My cravings for strawberries and grapes aren't hurting anything. The fact that I am nursing AND pumping could contribute but,then again, my body could also want to hold onto the weight to make sure the triplets my boobs currently think they are feeding won't starve.

I need to make sure I don't gain the weight. I am defaintly going to make walking to school with Joseph a prority and when I am more rested and healed, try to swim again. We still have a wedding to go to this summer and I want to be able to buy a pretty new dress!

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