Thursday, January 14, 2010


I've been getting up at butt o'clock (515 am) to go swimming. I went last Tuesday but the JCC was closed due to the cold (????) on Thursday. I did get to the mall to walk o n Friday so I wasn't a total putz.

Well, I moved up a lane, which isn't bad considering I have been swimming on and off for years but not with a team since 1999! The coach wants me to breathe more often, which is quite a change from when I was an age grouper and was yelled at to breathe LESS. I really like the coach and he has been telling (nagging) me to walk more. I need walkin' shoes and I have to be careful. The SPD is here but not NEARLY as bad as it was with Georgie.

I was a little late this morning. mostly because there was no one at the front desk to buzz me in. I had to crawl under the gate. Stop laughing!

I got about 30 minutes in. The most I will be able to swim in a morning is 45, as I have to be out of the pool but 630 to shower, change and get home to let Adam off at work. He's amazed it takes me so long to get ready but, honestly, a shower, shave, hair wash, make up, drying my hair a bit, getting my slow old fat body dressed... aren't you impressed it takes me ONLY 20 minutes?!

I came home this moring to my fave breakfast- whole wheat english muffins with two eggs, some cheese and two mini bagels and "coffee." (A little coffee, alot of creamer and milk!) I feel so spoiled and ready to take on the day.... or maybe just the dishes. Can't have too many goals. ;)

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